Friday, August 3, 2018


There are two camps to smartphones, the iOS-using Apple iPhones and the plethora of other mobile devices that rely on Android. Among the Android phone manufacturers, Korean brand Samsung is often posited as the leading name among them. It was, after all, the one that Apple once fought vigorously in court over several years for alleged patent infringement in smartphone and tablet computer designs. Regardless, one might say that Samsung’s Galaxy phone line is among the most sought-after for Android users. The latest variant of its stylus-equipped Galaxy Note phone-tablet has yet to be announced, but they have teased it.
The Verge has it that Samsung may have just done its habitual spoiling of upcoming product releases at the start of August. Their New Zealand website had, for a short time on Thursday, August 2, been displaying an announcement that preorders were open for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 were now open; except not really. Yes, the image contained a preorder button but it only led to an error page. The accompanying image meanwhile appears to be the anticipated Galaxy Note 9, lying with its back casing to the viewer and its yellow stylus on top. The product slogan declares: “Say Hello to Super Power”.
You will not need to visit the Samsung NZ website now; apparently the pre-order ad was taken down since its posting the day before. However mobile tech reporter Evan Blass of Venture Beat was able to take snapshots of the image to share over Twitter. The spoiler routine by Samsung was near similar to another “accidental” advance reveal of a new Samsung smart-watch last week and the Galaxy S9 smartphone launch video leak last February. Both times Samsung removed the spoilers shortly afterward, but then launched the S9 soon after.
From the image above, we already get plenty of information on some of the hardware and design features for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which must be what the South Korean electronics giant wants to happen with their possibly pretentious “leak”. The Note 9 looks close enough to its immediate predecessor, the Note 8 released in August-September 2017. The bottom connectors are well-defined due to their closeness: audio jack, USB-C, stylus nest. The back has the expected dual rear cams with fingerprint sensor directly underneath. While the preorder button is now down, it can only be a matter of time now before Samsung goes through the motion of “unveiling” its new phablet to the public.
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