Wednesday, August 8, 2018

OPENING SOON: Private Room and Bunk Beds at ALPAS SIARGAO

Mention the island of Siargao in Surigao Del Norte province and you are likely to get back the epithet “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. And indeed, its reputation for having “surf-worthy” hollow tube waves has resulted in an influx of tourist surfers from all over the country and the world. Such are the sights and the wave-riding thrill to be had here that even musicians like Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been inspired to write songs about Siargao. Speaking of musicians, Hale front-man and solo artist-actor Champ Lui-Pio has also been drawn to this wonderful island. In his case however, it is to start a business.

Naturally having so many tourists, surfing or otherwise, coming into Siargao means a market for related businesses like restaurants, bars and accommodations for all comers. Champ Lui-Pio is now going to join in on the resort island’s hotel and lodging scene with the impending opening of Alpas Siargao. Taking its name from the Tagalog verb meaning “to get loose” or “to break free”, that is the sort of liberating experience that Alpas Siargao hopes to impart on guests with its quaint but comfortable accommodation options.
They have not quite released a lot of info on what to expect at the Alpas Siargao, but there already are some images of the sort of accommodation will be available for you when you drop by. Seen above is the “Marita”, a two-story guest hut with a wooden front deck (plus chair) and a second-floor balcony. While outwardly constructed in the traditional, if high-quality, “kubo” style, the Marita Hut is supremely appointed with glass doors and windows, electricity, running water and air conditioning too. It promises a quite closeness to nature, with the coconut trees and vegetation all around, but also ensures that you do not want for the comforts and utilities of home.
Champ Lui-Pio will be looking forward to welcome guests at the Alpas Siargao once they have their soft opening this coming Wednesday, August 8. For inquiries on their accommodation rates and other questions, you may contact them by email at, or by mobile at (0916) 787 8248. Their social media pages on FacebookInstagramand Twitter all fall under the identifier alpassiargao. Let Alpas Siargao become another reason for you to enjoy staying a spell at Surfing Capital Siargao.
Images courtesy of Alpas Siargao on Facebook and Twitter


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