Monday, August 13, 2018

MCU “THOR” Actor CHRIS HEMSWORTH Celebrates 35th BIRTHDAY with Son Pushing His Face into CAKE

It has not been a good year for The Mighty Thor. His home of Asgard was sacrificed, destroyed to bring an end to two threats to its people, who fled the cataclysm to the cosmos. Then the Asgardian survivors (and his brother) were wiped out by Thanos. Then, although he got a replacement weapon he failed to defeat Thanos before he killed half of all life in the universe. Being Thor has sucked, but for his actor Chris Hemsworth, life is great, especially after he celebrated his 35th birthday last Saturday. He even got a nice birthday anecdote to tell.
You read right. The Australian heartthrob who brought Marvel character Thor to life just turned 35 years old on August 11, according to USA Today. Without the long hair and beard required of his role, Chris Hemsworth looked remarkably youthful for three and a half decades of age in a celebratory photo posted on Twitter. There he is beaming with wife and fellow movie star Elsa Pataky, with a well-appointed birthday cake dotted with candles in front of him. Also noticeable is two of the couple’s three children off-panel, which figures into the birthday story Hemsworth captioned with his picture.
Apparently, shortly after the Twitter photo was taken, one of Chris Hemsworth’s twin sons pushed him from behind, causing his face to plow into his birthday cake, with the lit candles even. The actor, and father, was pretty chill about what happened, describing his child’s action as “ninja training”. He did not post any further pictures but played up his facial injuries by stating that he was now ready to portray Marvel antihero Deadpool for 20th Century Fox, with the blessing of original actor Ryan Reynolds, of course. Not surprisingly, the actor in question got into the act as well.
Following up on Hemsworth’s tweet, Ryan Reynolds comically wrote on his post that his daughter stabbed him in his right eye. Said eye was the same one Thor had lost on the 2017 MCU film “Thor: Ragnarok”. With his new “injury”, Reynolds humorously proposed that he and Hemsworth trade roles.
Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have been married since 2010, and they have a daughter and twin sons. It was never specified which of the twin boys carried out the ninja face-in-the-cake maneuver on his dad. Pataky meanwhile put up her own social media greeting to her husband on Instagram.
The actor will reprise his role as Thor for perhaps one more time in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers 4”, coming 2019.
Image courtesy of Entertainment Tonight


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