Thursday, August 2, 2018


It is getting close to three months now since Marvel Studios released “Avengers: Infinity War”, the third “Avengers” superhero team film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and perhaps the most shocking installment of the runaway hit movie franchise according to many in its global audience. Of course, there are still other people who have not seen them until recently, like comedian Leslie Jones (“Ghostbusters” 2016). She recently began watching “Infinity War” while posting her thoughts and reactions on Twitter. When Jones began singing the praises of a particular MCU character, said character’s actor responded, starting an MCU star online discussion.
As related by Entertainment Weekly, the live-Tweeting by Leslie Jones of her “first ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ experience” this week has become a new viral social media event that has got plenty of people talking. Jones is no stranger to the online community reacting to her reactions on popular media on the big and small screens. And when the celebrities figuring on whatever she was watching join in on the commentary, hilarity tends to ensue. Upon reaching the scene in “Infinity War” when an unmasked and bearded Captain America reappears, Jones Tweeted a reaction video snippet captioned “D—m! Captain America!”
It did not take long for Captain America actor Chris Evans to catch wind of the comedy star’s reaction video where she went, “Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my…husband. Oh my God, Captain America, you are fine as…And you got a beard.” He gamely re-tweeted Jones’ video with the reply, “What’s truly shocking is that this is EXACTLY what @Paul_Bettany says to me every time I enter a room. Verbatim.” Said post’s statistics of over 20,000 re-tweets and over 100,000 likes pretty much doubled the stats for Jones’ original post. And to add to the hilarity, actor Paul Bettany chimed in.
Betanny, who plays the synthezoid Vision in the movie, took a screenshot of his character from Leslie Jones’ reaction video and paid true to what Evans said about him. “You can see it in my eyes in this shot- I’m only human… well… Kinda,” he posted in genuine good humor.
Jones’ social media critique of “Avengers: Infinity War” was carried on multiple tweets across a period of two days, leaving her two cents on every notable event that transpired. Upon reaching the post-credits scene where Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury got “disintegrated” by Thanos while calling making a call, she put out her last related tweet: “Who was he calling?!”
Enter Brie Larson, who plays Carol Danvers aka “Captain Marvel” for the MCU film coming out next year. It was her character whom Fury contacted, so her comedic Twitter reply went: “New # who dis?”
“Captain Marvel” premieres March 8, 2019.
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