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Anybody who hears the title “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” will most likely, if not cite the original character from Archie Comics, recall the hit ABC sitcom that aired in the nineties starring Melissa Joan Hart. The character would probably be remembered as the kind-hearted if occasionally mischievous spell-caster saddled with mundane teenage problems from that show and the comics. Still, with the Archie brand reboot in recent years that led to a more dramatic retelling that gave rise to “Riverdale” on The CW, a similar remake of “Sabrina” seemed inevitable. And now we have a preview on how that looks.
The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the first promotional images of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” have been made available for viewing online. This darker adaptation of the “Sabrina” story was initially developed by The CW as a sister show to “Riverdale”, probably laying the foundation for an Archie TV universe similar to the DC-based “Arrow” verse. Plans have changed and now, “Chilling Adventures” will instead be a Netflix streaming original, with 10 episodes planned for its inaugural season. The creators have promised a grimmer direction to Sabrina from what is already seen in “Riverdale”, and these previews prove it.
Initial images of the show depicts lead star Kiernan Shipka, an alumna from AMC drama series “Mad Men”, as the titular teenage witch Sabrina Spellman. Series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who was also the mind behind “Riverdale”, has reimagined Sabrina’s original coming-of-age theme of a witch growing into her own, as a horror story that plays up the supernatural element of the character and her world. This is after all based on the similar dark reboot of the “Sabrina” title on Archie Comics that has run since 2014, also written by Sacasa. One teaser photo even shows Sabrina’s “witch baptism” ritual.
Other cast members for “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” are Lucy Davis and Miranda Otto as Sabrina’s witch aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman, Ross Lynch as Sabrina’s boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, Jaz Sinclair as Sabrina’s human best friend Rosalind Walker, Chance Perdomo as Sabrina’s British warlock cousin Ambrose Spellman, Richard Coyle as witch coven head Father Blackwood, and Michelle Gomez in the dual role of Sabrina’s high-school teacher Mary Wardell, who is possessed by the “Devil’s handmaiden” and becomes Madam Satan. Netflix will premiere “Chilling Adventures” on October 26, with a second season already ordered from WB Television and Berlanti Productions.
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