Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fans Hyped, Disappointed with IDRIS ELBA Tweets on Playing “BOND”

It is well known among followers of the long-running “James Bond” film franchise that the current actor, Daniel Craig, is considering perhaps only one more film project before he finally retires from the role of the suave world-saving British super-spy. It is also a prominent topic of discussion with the fandom that, among the UK-based actors being considered to take up the reins for Bond, is Golden Globe winner Idris Elba, from HBO’s “The Wire”, BBC’s “Luther”, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Thor” movies (as Heimdall). But are the rumors of Elba being courted to be the first “Black” Bond real?
According to CNN, Idris Elba has not been helpful in answering fan speculation about confirming or debunking the possibility that he might be cast as “James Bond” after Daniel Craig. The confusion started back in Sunday, when the actor posted a Twitter photo of himself, captioned with a paraphrase of Agent 007’s iconic greeting.
Before the day was out however, Elba sent a follow-up tweet to disabuse fans of the notion that he was the next James Bond. Still, for the actor to chime in on the discussion, especially soon after Bond producer Barbara Broccoli mentioned the concept of “diversifying” the main character in the franchise her father developed, only led to more rumor-mongering.
Broccoli’s comments were recorded in an article on UK newspaper The Daily Star, which stated that they were heard second-hand from American filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, who directed the Oscar-winning 2001 film “Training Day” as well as other action-packed movies like “The Replacement Killers” (1998) and “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013). Fuqua was also quoted in the Daily Star article to have voiced the possibility of Idris Elba playing James Bond. When pressed for comments by CNN however, a spokesperson for Fuqua said the comments were inaccurate.
Still, regardless of whether he has been officially approached or not, Elba did express openness to playing a black James Bond back in a 2014 CNN interview. “It would be such an honor,” he said. “I mean what do we have to do here? We have to wear beautiful suits, drive nice cars, chase bad guys and date beautiful women? I dunno, sounds good to me.” That he would be teasing the possibility lately on social media has done nothing to put the question to rest. Elba and Barbara Broccoli have yet to give an official word to the press.
Image from Daily Express UK


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