Thursday, August 2, 2018


Over two months ago, Filipino fans of Asianovelas were hit by a double-dose of nostalgia for the old and excitement for the new, with the release of the first trailer for the reimagining of the hit Taiwanese soap opera “Meteor Garden”. Those who were introduced to the lives and loves of Shancai and the F4 from the original program almost 20 years ago are now looking forward to seeing the story retold. ABS-CBN, the network that aired “Meteor Garden” to great success in 2003 (latest re-airing in 2014) announced that they will show the reboot as well. But they gave no premiere date for it on Philippine TV; until now.
As ABS-CBN News tells it, their TV network finally made known to the whole country just when the new “Meteor Garden” drama series will air with them. That came in the form of the first Filipino-dubbed trailer take from the original one that was uploaded last May. First seen in full on the night of Wednesday, August 1, during a commercial break for “FPJ’s ‘Ang Probinsyano’”, the trailer is an edit job that took choice scenes from the first preview and added others from actual beginning episodes, all newly dubbed.
The trailer does a great job of refreshing veterans and expositing to newbies on the plot of “Meteor Garden”. Repeat watchers from the original can also pick up a few added elements to the story that were not there before. But the framework remains the same. Shancai, from a middle-income family, attends a prestigious school for the wealthy elite and runs afoul of the F4, the notoriously vindictive rulers of campus. But when she remains plucky and unafraid of the bullying she receives, she touches the hearts of F4 boys Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei, starting a web of relationships that will test Shancai’s resolve in a world he is not prepared for.
The “Meteor Garden” remake is a production this time of mainland Chinese network Hunan Television. Its principal cast consists of Shen Yue as Dong Shancai, Dylan Wang as Dao Mingsi, Darren Chen as Hua Zelei, Connor Leong as Mei Zuo, and Caesar Wu as Xi Men. Original producer Angie Chai returns to oversee the production, with the series already starting to air on Hunan TV in China and online in Netflix. As for ABS-CBN, the trailer states that “Meteor Garden” will premiere on August 20, but no timeslot was given.
Image courtesy of Daily View (Taiwan)


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