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When comic book superhero fans, particularly of DC, are looking for a television fix to satiate their craving for costumed action-packed adventures, they would go to The CW. They started off in 2012 with “Arrow”, about the archer vigilante hero Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, and from there they expanded their world to include more DC characters such as Flash, the Legends of Tomorrow and even Supergirl. While all four shows are still going strong, The CW is looking to expand their live-action DC “Arrow-verse” with another series sharing the same general setting. Their next possibility: Batwoman from the “Batman” comic-book line.
Entertainment Weekly tells us that Greg Berlanti, the visionary producer behind many hit series on The CW like “Riverdale” and all the shows comprising the Arrow-verse, is now spearheading the network’s development effort for a series on “Batwoman”, slated to premiere the following year. However, Berlanti plants to have the character, who has not been cast yet, premiere later this 2018 in what has become a traditional inter-show crossover of the DC Arrow-verse. This was announced as early as last May by “Arrow” lead star Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver/Arrow. Unlike last year, however, “Legends of Tomorrow” is not part of the upcoming TV crossover.
About the only significant piece of information about the under-development “Batwoman” show is its official logline, describing the main character Kate Kane, a trained physical combatant and advocate for social justice who decides to stand against the increasing criminal activity of Gotham City by taking the costumed identity of Batwoman. This will not be easy, because Kate has a few skeletons on her closet, all drawn from the fact that she is an “out” lesbian. If Kate Kane is to make Batwoman a symbol for hope in Gotham, she must face her own hang-ups too.
The blurb practically confirms that this prospective new installment to the Arrow-verse will have an LGBT main character, as holds true for the comic-book Kate Kane, who was kicked out of West Point for revealing her orientation. Aside from that, having a character from Gotham City, home of the DC icon “Batman”, has long been a fond wish of Arrow-verse fans for The CW. At this stage, Caroline Dries has been tapped as both the story writer for “Batwoman”, and executive producer alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns.
Caroline Dries served as writer for both “The Vampire Diaries” and the celebrated “young Superman” prequel series “Smallville”, on The CW and its predecessor The WB. Arrow-verse fans can look forward to the advance introduction of Batwoman on the DC crossover event happening in December.
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