Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It may sound ironic, but sometimes a good hotel stay can be had abroad even if your “room” is no bigger than the area of your bed. Such is the concept of the capsule hotel, developed since the 1970s in Japan to provide affordable accommodation for the night in a small space. Despite most capsule compartments in these hotels being merely large enough to sit, lie down, and roll around it, such an experience provides a sense of community between guests especially when it comes to the hotel’s other facilities. And who can say no to a pocketbook-friendly room accommodation.
The capsule hotel trend has since spread all over the world, and they can usually be found in some of the busiest neighborhoods of certain popular tourist destinations, like Singapore for example. This is where you can try out one of the best capsule hotel experiences anywhere, courtesy of CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel. Starting with its original site at Singapore’s Chinatown, CUBE has just opened a new location at the picturesque Muslim community of Kampong Glam.
Not only is this new capsule hotel within easy walking distance of famous tourists sites like the Sultan Masjid Mosque and a delicious halal dining excursion along Bussorah Street, its close proximity to the Bugis MRT station means that from there, guests can easily reach more of the must-see tourist spots around urban Singapore.
Founded by Benedict Choa and Sonia Anya Tay of RB Hospitality, CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotels can be an absolute godsend to travelers on shoestring budgets, and tourists who are willing to swap out the conventional hotel room stay for an even cozier alternative with friendly staff and fellow guests, all for some truly affordable capsule room rates ranging from just S$50 to S$120 a night.
Much like its older sibling in Chinatown, the CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel in Kampong Glam is housed in a quaint building dating from historic Singapore, restored and repurposed as a new accommodation venue where digitally-connected guests from business travelers to tourists can congregate to appreciate the vibrant culture around them. The new CUBE boasts a reception staff that will cater to guests 24/7 to facilitate their accommodations anytime they need.
And what accommodations to be had! The Kampong Glam Cube Capsule Hotel has 56 individual capsules with either single or queen-sized beds with plush mattresses and duck-feather duvets, for solo or pair travelers. Each capsule has mood lighting, mirrors, complimentary bottled water, free Wi-Fi access with guaranteed fast speeds, and secure lockers for guest luggage with digital security, along with the same security access for each capsule themselves.
Guests can also enjoy the fact that their capsules have universal electrical plugs and USB ports to charge their computers, shavers and smartphones with. The hotel comes with individual bathrooms with showers, hairdryers, washing machines, stocked with toiletries and towels that are replenished once every day. Space is also maximized with table surfaces folding down when needed.
One major thing that the CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel has going for it is how it easily and comfortably it fosters a spirit of community with its guests. Look no further than their daily complimentary breakfast for everybody to share as a great way to start a day of excursions. Social events are also a frequent occurrence at CUBE, like the live TV broadcast of the Final match for the recently-concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup.
For travelers to Singapore who would like a hotel accommodation that will not eat up their budget, hosted in a beautiful historic structure in a cultural center of the country, but still within easy commuting reach to anywhere else, do not fret. This is not an impossible combination at all. You can have this and more at the CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam.
CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel in Kampong Glam is located at 55 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199471. For more information and booking your online reservations you may visit their official website at cubehotels.com.sg/kampong-glam, or their official Facebook page at facebook.com/kampong. You may also call them at +65 6291 1696, or email CUBE at reservationskg@cubestay.sg for your inquiries.


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