Monday, July 2, 2018

TESLA Meets Production Mark for MODEL 3, Past 1-WEEK DEADLINE

From the moment the Tesla Model 3 sedan began rolling off the assembly lines in the middle of the year 2017, it has been on a race of sorts to get its production capabilities up a certain threshold, in order to hold true to the company promise that the Model 3 will become the first mass-market electric automobile available in comparable numbers to a gasoline-powered vehicle. Their efforts to do so have been less than successful, though lately things might have changed. The optimal Model 3 production quota has been 5,000 cars a week; it may have been met, technically.
As Reuters tells us, Tesla Motors did not actually reach the 5,000-unit mark for the production of the Model 3 sedan in a week, but it  was really close that the limited may have been meet a few hours after the weekly deadline was supposed to have elapsed. Two anonymous personnel from the Tesla factory in Fremont, California said that the quota-busting Model 3 in a week’s production run went through its final quality checks on the morning of Sunday, July 1 at 5 AM PT, after the one-week time limit set by Tesla founder Elon Musk ended earlier midnight.
It was the goal of Tesla Motors to escalate their production of the Model 3 sedan in order to achieve such an output, although outside observers wonder if the electric-car company would even be able to maintain such a pace for consecutive weeks. Things have been so hectic at the Fremont factory to meet the 5,000-car production milestone that Elon Musk had an entire new assembly line built from the ground up, but housed only in a large open tent. But between Tesla’s 5,000 Model 3’s and their other e-cars made, Musk claims they produced 7,000 vehicles for last week.
Following the late (but at least not never) achievement of the Model 3 production quota, Elon Musk sent a congratulatory email to all Tesla employees. He noted that not only did they make the cut for Model 3 and added units of the Model X and Model S to it, he is confident that production for this week might just be able to break 6,000 cars on Model 3 sedans alone. He ended his message by proclaiming, “I think we just became a real car company.” Indeed, the workers interviewed by Reuters noted the factory was “mass-celebrating” after their feat.
What is left now for Tesla in the wake of meeting a production capacity for the Model 3 was for them to actually make the bare-bones $35,000 “default” version of the car. All vehicles made so far were always of the high-end variants with extra features requested by customer pre-orders.
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