Friday, July 20, 2018


In 2008, Lucasfilm Animation released through Warner Bros. Pictures a 3D-animated film spinoff of the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, set between Episode II and III. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” was a box office hit, and served as the introduction to a full animated series on Cartoon Network that ran for five seasons. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the “Star Wars” franchise, a short sixth season was produced and streamed on Netflix, before production switched over to a sequel show, “Star Wars Rebels”. Many fans of “The Clone Wars” were put down by the series’ lack of a definitive ending. On the first day of the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, their wishes were heard.
Screen Rant reports that a “Star Wars” panel has revealed during the first day of SDCC 2018 that a new season of “The Clone Wars” is being developed, ultimately bringing the well-loved show back from what could only be described as an abrupt cancellation. The thing is the new season will premiere as yet another edition to the steadily growing library of content for Disney’s exclusive streaming service, where a slate of original films and shows will join other Disney and related media that are already being pulled out of other streaming platforms like Netflix.
There was even a little teaser trailer shown at SDCC to reinforce the good news, and it made plenty of references to the incomplete story of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” compared to its successor “Star Wars Rebels”, which neatly wrapped up its overall plot in March of this year after four seasons. The digs were not subtle, with a tagline like “A war left unfinished…until now” and the hash-tag #clonewarssaved given prominent places onscreen. Voice samples imply some storyline focus on Clone Captain Rex and Anakin Skywalker, who is apparently reunited briefly with his exiled former Padawan Ahsoka Tano.
Original show-runner Dave Filoni, who also developed “Star Wars Rebels”, will be returning to oversee the revival of “The Clone Wars”, which is also being bandied to be a finale season that will finally wrap up dangling plot threads from its preceding seasons. During their SDCC panel, Filoni expressed his surprise at being given a chance to tell the rest of the story he wanted before the original cancellation of the show. He has not shared any further information, save that he sees this continuation season as a “rewarding” opportunity.
The yet-unnamed Disney streaming service will begin operation in 2019. Of its original content, aside from “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” season 7, there are no less than seven other shows (one a live-action “Star Wars” series) and 14 movies.
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