Friday, July 6, 2018


For those who have been tuning in to the adventures of DC’s superhero character Batman in his original medium – comic books – they know of the currently-developing storyline that concerns his plans, as his civilian identity of Bruce Wayne, to marry Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, the notorious cat burglar who has been alternately Batman’s adversary, ally, and lover. The current “Batman” series on DC Comics had Batman propose to Catwoman on its 24th issue, with Catwoman accepting on #32. What followed were arcs that promised to lead up to their wedding in #50, due to be released Wednesday this week. Unfortunately – on many definitions – The New York Times spoiled the issue’s contents on Sunday: there will be no wedding after all.
The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the conclusion to the wedding storyline on DC Comics’ ongoing “Batman” title, written by Tom King, was indeed laid out by The New York Times on the first day of July, three days before the actual “Batman” #50 would arrive in stores. The spoiler details crushed fans that were rooting for Bruce/Batman and Selina/Catwoman to be successfully married, while vindicating more cynical readers who were sure that the status quo will be maintained anyway.
In the summary of “Batman” #50 by Tom King, the wedding day finally arrives with the couple getting dressed in their wedding attire, but conversations with their respective confidants makes the occasion take a bittersweet turn. Selina is aware that her relationship with Batman makes Bruce Wayne happy, but causes her to think that a happy Bruce will be ineffective in protecting Gotham City as Batman, whose drive to dispense justice on villains is spurred by the pain of the memory of his parents’ murder. On this note, Selina stands up Bruce at the altar, letting him keep his pain.
But not only were DC readers upset. So too – apparently – was Tom King who commented on social media that the impact of the failed wedding, which he was hyping since last year, was softened due to story beats that were not detailed in the New York Times spoilers, but needed to be read in order to form a whole picture. It was also revealed that DC Comics itself spoiled the plot’s outcome to the Times, on the rationale that it would soften any negative impression of the issue in advance, since the story by King is still worth a purchase.

Im pissed about things and excited about other things. I have no idea how to comment on anything without spoiling everything.

Batman 50 is still out Wednesday. I’m incredibly proud of the issue; I hope you pick it up. You have questions; the answers are there.

Art by @JimLee.

The breakdown of the Batman-Catwoman nuptials in DC mirrors a similar event over in Marvel Comics’ “X-Men Gold”. That title built up on the wedding plans of X-Men Kitty Pride/Shadowcat and Piotr Rasputin/Colossus, only for them to bow out due to personal convictions before the ceremony. Fortunately, their longtime teammates Anne Marie/Rogue and Remy LeBeau/Gambit decided to take the plunge and get themselves married so the wedding arrangements are not wasted. Both the DC and Marvel events are also spinning off new comic titles, with a new “Catwoman” solo series on DC and a “Mr. & Mrs. X” title with Rogue and Gambit on Marvel.


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