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It really is the age of TV show reboots these days. These returning shows run the gamut from complete re-imaginings of past programming like Disney’s “Ducktales” or The CW’s “Charmed”, to continuations of other series from where they left off, like the 9th season of pioneering “gay” sitcom “Will & Grace” that aired 2017. Now, next on the revival list, of the latter category, is a CBS sitcom that ran 10 seasons from 1988 to 1998, about “FYI”, a fictional CBS news magazine program and its news anchor, the eponymous Murphy Brown played by Candice Bergen.
Entertainment Weekly has it that CBS has started production on a continuation 11th season of “Murphy Brown”, to begin airing on the network this coming September. Candice Bergman returns to the role she has portrayed for ten years, along with most of the cast reprising her fellow “FYI” workmates. The first table reading for the new episodes took place in New York Tuesday, July 24, after the cast posed for their first official photo to promote the revival. As stated, the new season takes after the original finale season 10 that ran 1997 to 1998.
It goes without saying that, much like “Will & Grace” on NBC, a major selling point for the return of “Murphy Brown” is the idea of seeing an older and wiser Murphy still doing her media thing but in a world that has gone through a lot of change, two decades in her case. According to teases from the production team, from “FYI” she now hosts a morning talk show carrying her name on CBS. Her son Avery, whom she gave birth to and raised in the original 10-season run, is now grown up and a journalist in his own right, though he apparently wants out of his mother’s shadow.
The sitcom’s creator and executive producer Diane English described the first table reading with the cast as a special morning where she had plenty laughs with her favorite people. “It’s an incredible thing when you can step away from something you care so much about,” notes English. “And now, 20 years later, it’s as if not a day has passed.”
Aside from Candice Bergman, returning cast includes Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood, Joe Regalbuto as Frank Fontana, and Grant Shaud as Miles Silverberg. Jake McDorman is a new addition as the adult Avery Brown. CBS has ordered 13 episodes to run for “Murphy Brown” season 11, and it is slated to premiere this September 27.
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