Thursday, July 12, 2018


DhrOGhNWsAERSQIMicrosoft is not quite the monolithic computing titan that it was in the closing years of the 20th Century, especially not with the powerful resurgence of its lifelong rival Apple in the early years of the 21st. While the latter appears to be ruling the roost when it comes to portable computers and mobile devices, Microsoft is not one to throw any competition, and has been giving as good as it gets with the Surface line of tablets and laptops. In fact, Microsoft appears to be hinting that some new Surface devices are due to be unveiled sometime this day.
The Verge reports that Microsoft may be planning on a major introduction to a possible new device for the Surface lineup on Tuesday, July 10. This is most substantiated by a recent post on the official Microsoft Surface Twitter page. The comment is only one question: Where will Surface go next? The accompany image is a commonly used photo of all the latest Surface tablets, laptops and computers. Eagle eyes may spot that all the devices are on their idle screens. And shown on all monitors and screens are the date and time of July 10 and 6 AM, respectively.
Before this image was tweeted, there have been rumors circulating that Microsoft is indeed gearing to unleash some new Surface computers that will carry on the three-way contest between them, Apple and its iPads, and Google with their Chromebooks. This new Surface, possibly the same one given the manufacturing green light by the FCC last week, is said to be worth $400. It is also alleged to run on an Intel Pentium chip, boast a 10-inch touchscreen display, and is rumored to be called “Surface Go”. This makes for a significantly affordable (if powered-down) Surface device for the mass market.
There is of course no official word if these early rumors are in any way connected to the Surface announcement that Microsoft plans to make in the morning of Tuesday stateside. Perhaps more word about this new will come out to make things plain by the middle of the week.
Image courtesy of Microsoft on Twitter


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