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When it was made available for streaming starting November of 2016, the Netflix original drama series “The Crown” became a critical and audience hit, as viewers tuned in to stream episodes of the show which chronicled the life of Elizabeth II, from her marriage to Philip Mountbatten, to her ascension as Queen of the United Kingdom, and all the travails of her family throughout those historic years. For the first two seasons an effective cast acted out the story, led by Claire Foy as Elizabeth. But a large time-skip in season three necessitated a recasting of characters, and now Netflix gave fans of “The Crown” a glimpse of some of the new cast members assuming the roles of a much older Queen and her court.
As Reuters tells it, the official Twitter page for Netflix’s “The Crown” has recently uploaded images of scenes from the upcoming season 3, featuring at least three of the new re-castings in character on scenes. First to come up was a photo of Olivia Colman, who takes over from Claire Foy as Elizabeth II, with the season’s timespan going from the 1960s to 70s, with the Queen aging from her late 30s to early 40s.
The second image put up is of acclaimed Helena Bonham-Carter, who will portray the much older Princess Margaret, Elizabeth’s only sibling. Given as Bonham-Carter is more recently known for playing the cackling mad witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the “Harry Potter” films, she is probably fit to take Margaret’s character into her historically controversial direction, from her Peter Townsend affair from Season 1, to marrying her photographer-filmmaker husband, only for them to divorce in 1978 following extramarital affairs by both sides.
Speaking of which, the third image shown is that of Matthew Goode as a new character in “The Crown”, playing society photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, who upon marrying Princess Margaret became the 1st Earl of Snowdon, better known as Lord Snowdon.
The producers of “The Crown” are well aware of the necessity to replace cast members with older actors, due to compressing the narrative of events spanning decades into seasons taking only about a year or so to film. Other cast additions for Season 3 include Jason Watkins and Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Erin Doherty as Elizabeth’s daughter Princess Anne.
This ensemble of performers are expected to carry the show until the end of Season 4, with another recasting possible if “The Crown” will still continue from that point on; notable events for S4 include the Thatcher premiership and the story of Princess Diana. Netflix has yet to give a date for when Season 3 will be put on streaming.
Images courtesy of Indiewire and Twitter


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