Tuesday, July 31, 2018

MOZILLA Changing FIREFOX ICON; Designing Icon “SYSTEMS” for Related Apps

Fifteen years ago the Mozilla Organization released the internet browser Firefox, born out of the open-source release of the base code for the older and formerly-celebrated Netscape Navigator from Netscape Communications.  Firefox was a standalone application that was supposed to be a solution from browser suite software bloat, and its first users were impressed by its surfing speed and online security capabilities. Over the years the browser application was a familiar sight on computer desktops thanks to its distinctive fox-themed logo. But Mozilla feels that it is a good time for a change, and they are asking users for help.
The Verge reports that Mozilla is taking steps to revamp their logo for the Firefox browser, recognizable with its red fox outlined curled around a blue globe. What is more, this is not just a one-off revamp. Mozilla is interested in designing an entire Firefox icon lineup. Each icon is supposed to be a fit for every online facet of Mozilla applications, whether they might be a browser for desktops, mobile devices and VR equipment. To make things easier, Mozilla has come up with two sheets with icons of two distinct styles, and they are putting choice to a vote.
Mozilla’s icon designers wrote on their blog post announcing the icon design “contest” that they have determined that the one original Firefox icon is now too limited in representing “the entire Mozilla products family”. Thus they have developed the two (competing) icon systems. One icon each stands above the rest as the “master brand” that denotes the whole Mozilla Firefox family as so; the original Firefox icon has been relegated to being one of the browser icons for System 1, with a new logo evocative of a fox’s head facing front as the master brand.
System 2 on the other had has a master brand that copies the circling fox, only this time it looks like a stylized tail and lacking the globe. The “subordinate” icons under each system’s master brand are classified into “general” browser-use, “singular focus” browsers, and a reserve for future Mozilla apps and services. Mozilla even showed edited photos of said icons in action, either as office signage, mobile desktops or as designs on Mozilla-branded clothing.
Thus far only two icon systems have been devised by the Mozilla team for the user base to choose from. They are not asking users to submit their own designs either, and that the systems as they are now remain “works in progress” and are therefore not their final forms.
Images courtesy of Mozilla Blog


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