Monday, July 2, 2018


When the name Matt Groening is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind, for those in the know anyway, is the long-running award-winning rib-tickling animated family sitcom “The Simpsons” on Fox. To more “dedicated” connoisseurs of animated cartoon series, he also created the sometimes-subversive future-set sitcom “Futurama”, which actually had a 2014 crossover episode with “The Simpsons”, a year after ending its TV run. But primarily Groening is most remembered for creating the most iconic cartoon family on TV. But pretty soon, he might try be remembered for something else, as his first animated series on Netflix nears streaming.
Already, the first official teaser for the medieval fantasy animated series “Disenchanted” has hit the internet to bring future audiences up to speed with the premise of Matt Groening’s latest work for online media streaming giant Netflix. Set in Dreamland, a medieval realm with an ironic name to viewers, “Disenchantment” follows the wacky exploits of an adventuring party led by Princess Bean, a royal lady who acts as anything but if her hard-drinking habit is any indicator. She is accompanied Elfo the elf and Luci, her “personal demon”, for some quirky hijinks best described as “Simpsons” meets “Game of Thrones”.
That last part is how veteran voice actor John DiMaggio describes “Disenchanted”. He also voices Princess Bean’s father the king, as shown and heard in the trailer below. He is sitting in a court audience when a city watchman brings him a bound prisoner dressed in a hooded robe. The King examines the captive and belittles the figure’s physical build, only to gasp in shock when the hood is removed to reveal his daughter Bean, voiced by Abbi Jacobson of “Broad City” fame. Other voices include Nat Faxon as Elfo and Eric Andre as Luci.
“Disenchantment” was first announced by Matt Groening in July of last year according to The Verge. Its connections to “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” go well beyond the distinctive Groening character design. Voice actor Maurice LaMarche, who voiced the narrator in “Futurama” actually points out the connection by calling the series a showcase of the future, with “The Simpsons” representing the present. Therefore, “Disenchantment” is the “obvious” third move in Groening’s storytelling journey. Netflix had ordered an initial season for the show running 10 episodes, and will begin streaming on the platform by August 17. Rough Draft Studios, which animated “Futurama”, also works on this show.


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