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32-yr old Migs, meets loan-shark Tito Val in a park beside Pasig river, where tall billboards abound, to settle a serious P180K debt he accumulates to help out Annie, his girlfriend of 7 years. 
Annie has gotten an “aesthetic plan” to fix herself and fulfill her ultimate dream to be Snow White in Hong Kong Disneyland and be a princess on a parade.  She aspires to have fair, smooth skin with bigger breasts—like a typical Caucasian. This for her is what it means to be truly beautiful.  And being beautiful means she  will earn her dollars, and secretly live her romantic princess world even if it is a job.
Migs explains that he doesn’t have the money but promises to do anything to be able to pay up but before he’s finished explaining, loan-shark gets distracted by a billboard of Lovely G – a famous actress on a Pinay-Beauty billboard campaign from across the river. Being a big fan of the beauty of the Filipina, loan-shark gives Migs an ultimatum– he has 3 days to find Lovely G and introduce him to her, and their debt is settled.
How does a regular guy who knows no one in showbiz get to a celebrity?
Accompanied by his 4 friends, Migs begins the difficult quest to find and meet the celebrity,  a series of comedic trials putting the six-degrees-of-separation theory to a test. Migs will lie, steal, break-in into people’s premises, break the law, gets caught, almost thrown in jail and gets beaten up –  while at the same time learning about the value of being dark skinned and having a more dominant nose, which is all of Annie and the girl he fell in love with 7 years ago.
Pinay Beauty is about the perennial quest of the typical Filipina to look Caucasian and the cost it entails.
Catch the movie during the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PNPP) 2018, from August 15 to 21 during the Buwan ng Wika celebration.

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