Monday, July 2, 2018

“BAD BOYS” TV Spinoff “L.A.’S FINEST” Coming to Spectrum, 2019

In 1995, Columbia Pictures released an action movie in the vein of a long-reused genre, the buddy-cops. This was “Bad Boys” starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as a pair of Miami narcotics agents who can’t seem to help but get their surroundings shot up or blown up as they enforce the law. The movie was successful enough to get a sequel, eight years later, with the two stars reuniting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay. A decade and a half after “Bad Boys II”, a spinoff TV series is in the works, but the titular bad boys have been replaced by girls.
Jerry Bruckheimer is making with the buddy cop formula again as the executive producer of “L.A.’s Finest”, a TV series spinoff of the “Bad Boys” movies. This will air on Charter Communications’ Spectrum cable, the first scripted series on that particular service, after major network NBC passed on picking it up. “L.A. Series” will follow up on its source material by featuring a pair of LAPD cops, but does a twist by having them be female. “L.A.’s Finest” will star Gabrielle Union, reprising her role from “Bad Boys II”, and teaming her with Jessica Alba.
Gabrielle Union announced the big news on her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 26, which she accompanied by what seems to be the first preview image of the show on Spectrum. She plays Sydney “Syd” Burnett, younger sister of Miami PD narcotics investigator Marcus Burnett (Lawrence’s character) and one-time girlfriend of her brother’s partner Mike Lowrey (Smith’s character). While initially seen in “Bad Boys II” as a DEA agent, by the time of “L.A.’s Finest” Syd is a Los Angeles cop, partnered with Jessica Alba’s character Nancy McKenna. The two actresses are also sharing executive producing duties with Bruckheimer himself.

The genesis of “L.A.’s Finest” is attributed by Union on a question she asked herself, of what the many characters of her past roles would be doing in the world now. One night she simply phoned Bruckheimer for a light-hearted query on the further adventures of Syd Burnett, and the rest became history happening soon. The actress is actually happy that due to the focus of “Bad Boys II” on the main characters played by Lawrence and Smith, the characterization of Syd was minimal enough to expand upon. “There’s so much more to Syd than even I realized,” she said.
In comparison, plans to make a third “Bad Boys” film have been beset with difficulties and directorial changes that even Martin Lawrence is not confident that it will happen. Still Sony, which owns Columbia, is bold enough to announce a tentative release year of 2020 for “Bad Boys for Life”.
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