Thursday, May 24, 2018

NINTENDO Offers Cheaper SWITCH System in Japan by Forgoing “Dock”

Legendary videogame hardware manufacturer and title developer Nintendo has been a pioneer in innovation and advances in the electronic entertainment market. From the NES game console, to the portable Game Boy, to the brilliant control scheme introduced by the Wii they were able to impress many gamers old and new. The Nintendo Switch, introduce March last year, was another stroke of genius with its promise of a hybrid gaming experience ranging from home console to portable handheld. With the first anniversary of the Switch now behind it, Nintendo is ready to propose new developments for the system, like this one.
As The Verge tells it, Nintendo in Japan has begun to market a cheaper variant of the Nintendo Switch system – very affordable indeed. That is because the new package consists only of the tablet-like main unit, plus a pair of Joy-Con controllers with optional strap attachments, doing away with the console-like docking port. This is the “Switch 2nd Unit Set” product, and Nintendo has advertised it as an additional purchase for gamers who already have the original complete Switch system, ostensibly as an extra control system. However buyers have cottoned on that this pared-down Switch makes for a functional handheld.
The Switch dock that the main game unit slots into serves as a port to connect the Switch gaming system to a TV, as well as provide a power cable to a wall socket. Some might wonder how the Switch 2nd Unit Set can operate without the dock to keep the Switch unit charged, but there is actually a USB-C port on the unit itself that can be used with any compatible USB-C charger. Thus, the pricing of the 2nd Unit Set comes down to ¥24,980/$226, which means the bundle is cheaper than the complete Switch system by only ¥5,000/$45.
Note however that the Nintendo Switch 2nd Unit Set is currently available only in Japan, and the company has yet to announce whether this stripped-down bundle will also make the rounds in the international market. There is a possibility that this package was tailor-made for Japanese households that generally do not have multiple TV sets, which the 2ndUnit can address by giving a second player access to a videogame’s action on its own screen. Still, despite the almost negligible price reduction, some players may be encouraged to buy the Switch 2nd Unit Set as a portable gaming system anyway.
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