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The “Star Wars” media production line continues unabated, unstopping for anything. “Solo: A Star Wars Movie” is premiering in cinemas soon; a new series, “Star Wars: Resistance”, has recently been announced. Said show is animated in comparison to a live-action “Star Wars” series being developed for Disney’s upcoming exclusive streaming service by Jon Favreau, who serves as an executive producer. For a time there was little information on what this spinoff will be about, or where in the sprawling saga timeline it is supposed to take place in. Finally however, some light has been shed on the series’ general backstory.
According to IGN, the yet-untitled “Star Wars” live-action series will be set some seven years after the events of “Episode VI – Return of the Jedi”. Jon Favreau confirmed in in an interview during the world premiere of “Solo” this Thursday, May 10, at Los Angeles. The filmmaker, who directed “Iron Man” and “The Jungle Book” for Disney, was present at the premiere as a cast member, being the voice of an alien character in “Solo”. Favreau was attached to the “Star Wars” TV series as early back as March, and the show is will premiere with the 2019 streaming launch.
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy had expressed her excitement at Favreau’s handling of the “Star Wars” TV series in his producing and writing capacity. “Jon brings the perfect mix of producing and writing talent, combined with a fluency in the Star Wars universe,” she said. “This series will allow Jon the chance to work with a diverse group of writers and directors and give Lucasfilm the opportunity to build a robust talent base.” To add to this, Disney CEO Bob Iger intimated that this show is but the first of many more programming based on “Star Wars” for Disney’s streaming service.
There are parallels between this streaming-only live-action “Star Wars” series and the animated “Star Wars: Resistance” that will air on Disney’s children’s networks. The former, happening shortly after the death of the Emperor in the second Death Star, might focus on the beginnings of the New Republic and the pursuit of the holdout remnants of the Empire’s forces. “Resistance”, set before the events of “Episode VII – The Forces Awakens”, could see the birth of the organized post-Imperial First Order, and the formation of the Resistance that fights against it, disavowed by the New Republic and operating inside First Order territory.
Aside from the “Star Wars” streaming stories, another future project by Favreau for Disney is the live-action remake of 1994’s “The Lion King”, with James Earl Jones set to reprise his role as King Mufasa, and joined by the likes of Donald Glover and Beyoncé.
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