Sunday, May 20, 2018


For most people who lived their “formidable years” in the mid to late 1990s, and were followers of mainstream pop music to boot, then there would be a hardwired list of musical groups from that period that will invariably be considered among the best and most popular of their time. One of those groups would be a “boy band” called the Backstreet Boys, who became an international phenomenon until the turn of the millennium. While they remained active in the 21st Century, their star has not quite recaptured its global shine. But perhaps a new album release might change things.
Backstreet’s back (Again); Alright!
By that, we mean that the Backstreet Boys have just released their first single in quite some time; the last such single, their last album even, was back in 2013, in fact. Billboard tells us that this new single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, will be the first confirmed song in a forthcoming new album from the long-running vocal group, who at the latest has been performing in a Las Vegas residency since 2017. Furthermore, a music video of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was also uploaded to VEVO on YouTube early this Thursday, May 17.
This new Backstreet Boys single, and its album, are the fruit of a new deal made by AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter, with RCA Records. In an interview they talked of how they were impressed by how “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” turned out. Says Kevin, “The minute we heard this song we knew it was special. I geeked out over the piano and synths…Just makes you wanna listen over and over again.” Despite the similar title, the song is a different animal to the duet by Kiki Dee and Elton John from 1976.
“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is produced by Stuart Crichton and Jamie Hartman, while its music video was directed by Rich + Tone. The MV showcases that the boys – really more men at this point in time –have not lost their touch in their Backstreet-style performance, singing and dancing at the same time. While they have put their Planet Hollywood residency on hold to work on the album, they plan to resume this engagement by July, after they go on a series of summer tours to promote their new offering. The Backstreet Boys turned 25 as a group in April.
“World Like This” was the last album released by the BSB in 2013 before this upcoming one. You can check out their “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” music video on YouTube here:
Photo courtesy of Billboard