Friday, May 11, 2018

“AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR” Crosses Over with MMO Combat Game “FORTNITE”

Recent years has seen the rise of the battle royal game genre, which involves player vs. player competition on computer networks or online. This offshoot of the classic FPS combat games got plenty of clout for having options to customize character avatars and cash shop features. “Fortnite” by Epic Games is one of the titles being played globally today ever since it added a battle royale mode to its original sandbox survival mechanics. It’s so big now, that it actually got a cross-promotion with Marvel, in particular the “Avengers: Infinity War” film. For a limited time, “Fortnite” gives players Infinity.
IGN reports that an official crossover game event has been devised by Epic Games and Marvel for “Fortnite Battle Royale”, in the wake of “Avengers: Infinity War” dominating the worldwide box office like most films in the MCU. The “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” is a new “Fortnite” match mode available starting May 8, similar to most other PvP matches in the game…except that a new unique item is generated on the battlefield: the Infinity Gauntlet from the movie with all six Infinity Stones. The player who finds the gauntlet in-game and equips it…temporarily transforms into the artifact’s master, Thanos.
Such a major promotional coup can only be possible through the strong interest of a fandom, and “Infinity War” directors Joe and Anthony Russo were both major fans of “Fortnite”, allegedly taking time to play the game in during breaks while making the final edits to their movie. According to Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, “Out of the blue, I get this call from Joe. And after a bit of geeking out over each other’s work, we start brainstorming these crazy ideas.” From this call was born the official Marvel-Epic team-up that now allows players to become Thanos in-game.
As to what exactly the Thanos transformation brought about by the Infinity Gauntlet item translates to in gameplay terms, the developers haven’t said anything yet. Those who have seen the “Infinity War” film might have glimpsed the things Thanos did with the Stones on his gauntlet. Could we be looking at incoming enemy fire turning into bubbles? Can the Thanos-player make illusions? Can time be rewound? Or will the player be able to kill half the player on the “Fortnite” battle map? The blurb from Epic says the Gauntlet item will give the player “all Thanos’ powers”, but nothing specific.
“Fortnite” the game is currently on its fourth season gameplay-wise, with some significant changes to the setting the players do battle in, and aesthetics for weapons and equipment. “Avengers: Infinity War” in the meantime has now gone past the $1 billion box office mark, and will likely continue earning more.
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