Friday, April 27, 2018

MEGHAN MARKLE Retires from Acting with “SUITS” Season-7 FINALE Episodes

It has been quite the eventful year for the British Royal Family. Just on the 23rd of April, Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were blessed with a third child, fifth in line for the throne. Next month, the Duke’s younger brother Prince Harry will be marrying his fiancée, American actress Meghan Markle. Preparations for the wedding have been proceeding apace, with Markle being baptized and confirmed into the Church of England last March. One other step took place on television this week; that is the season 7 finale of “Suits”, where her character makes her exit.
As told in USA Today, the double-episode finale for the sixth season of “Suits” on the USA Network centers on the culmination of the hard-earned happy ending for one of the legal drama’s main protagonists and his love interest, played by Meghan Markle. At the same time, it makes for a prime opportunity to remove these two characters from the narrative, in line with Markle’s decision to retire from acting in order to prepare for the life of being a royal spouse. Actor Patrick J. Adams has also announced his departure from the show and his role as Mike Ross.
Much of the conflict in “Suits” usually involves existential threats to the legal firm built up by Adams’ Mike, initially a law-savvy college dropout, and his litigator friend Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Season 7’s closing crisis sees their business threatened by lawsuits; At the same time Mike and Markle’s character Rachel Zane plan their marriage while tackling a class-action suit, leading to a job opportunity that would also take them from New York to Seattle, and a firm specializing in class-action lawsuits. Having decided to take that plunge, Mike and Rachel move up their wedding date; and it is beautiful.
With help from their Pearson Specter Litt colleague Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty), Rachel and Mike get the closest to a dream ceremony they could wish for; and while everybody in their circle is happy for the couple, the mood sobers a tad when Mike tells Harvey that their long and eventful partnership will now diverge. After everything that happened to the two of them, the parting is actually respectful and poignant, and with that the newlyweds leave the scene for good, while their actors can depart without any further fuss.
Despite the loss of one of the main duo along with a major supporting role, USA Network is determined to keep “Suits” going for another season or two. Time will also tell which of the two events – this on-screen wedding and the real-life one this coming May 19, between Markle and Prince Harry – will have the larger number of viewers.
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