Friday, April 6, 2018

KRISTEN BELL Talks of Recent PINWORM Infection in Her Family

Kristen Bell Instagram Storie
Kristen Bell Instagram Stories
Kristen Bell, primarily Broadway and secondarily Hollywood/TV actress, is a household word for the sheer popularity of some of the characters she has played. To the television crowd, she is best remembered as teen private investigator and titular character of the series “Veronica Mars”; younger fans would remember her as the voice of Princess Anna from Disney’s “Frozen”. Career-wise, Bell has been on a roll; in terms of her personal health however, there’s been a snag. The actress and mother had recently gotten a case of the parasitic pinworms from her daughter, a harrowing experience that may finally be over.
USA Today reports that Kristen Bell has announced that the encounter her family had with pinworms has run its course. “Our family is pinworm-free. Currently,” the 37-year-old star confirmed. The ordeal began months ago when her younger daughter by actor Dax Shepard, 3-year-old Delta, picked up a case of the nasty anal parasites from the preschool she attended. Bell first found the pinworms in her daughter’s stool and, to her dismay, later discovered that she had infected herself after helping Delta in the toilet. Pinworm eggs can cling to the skin and clothes until they are ingested or breathed in.
Bell’s announcement of her family medical emergency was done during an interview with USA Today regarding her most current voice-work in film, where she is the narrator for the documentary “Pandas” on IMAX. The 43-minute film partly follows the life of the giant panda cub Qian Qian, from her birthplace in Chengdu, China to laboratories around the world working to release pandas back into their wild habitat.
Speaking again of her pinworm crisis, the actress was surprised at how easy the parasite passes from one person to another, and amused at the humorous “grossed-out” reactions of fans when she first revealed her affliction, saying it was “too much information” for them. Bell and Delta endured two pinworm infections, the second a relapse after being briefly cleared one time.
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are also proud parents of Delta’s older sister Lincoln, age 5. Her other commitment, aside from the “Pandas” documentary, is the NBC sitcom “The Good Place” which just had its season 2 finale. In the near future however, she would be expected to reunite with her cast-mates Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad to start work on “Frozen 2”, the full-length sequel to 2013’s “Frozen” (not counting two other short featurettes) that is expected to premiere in 2019. Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who co-wrote the original movie’s songs with husband Robert Lopez, reveals that they have already recorded one new song for the sequel sung by Kristen Bell as Anna.
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