Thursday, April 12, 2018

DUAL SUBSCRIPTION for $12.99 Monthly, Offered by HULU and SPOTIFY

Ever since it filed for direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange in February, and started trading shares earlier this month, Sweden-based music streaming service Spotify has been enjoying some good growth, if their April 3 opening of $165.90 (25% up from reference price) is any indication. And the company is riding the momentum with a link-up to fellow streaming service Hulu, which caters to video on demand. Together they are going to help their respective subscribers save up on subscription fees for both their platforms, by offering a combined billing with a reduced total price for them both.
According to USA Today, Hulu and Spotify have decided to team up by means of offering a dual subscription to both their services, with a unified billing, to their users. The dual subscription is worth $12.99 monthly, and has the effect of giving access to limited-ads Hulu, and Spotify Premium which removes the shuffle-only listening limitation of a free account. By themselves, the respective subscriptions fees for the two services are $7.99 for Hulu and $9.99 for Spotify. Their dual subscription deal shaves off $4.99 every month. A Spotify ad released this Wednesday goes, “2 apps. 1 bill. Endless entertainment.”
Further details in the add reveal how this special subscription works. For now, the dual thing can only be accessed by Spotify users with a Premium subscription, and if they only have accounts for the music streamer then availing this deal gives them a 99-cent Hulu trial for three months, at the end of which they can decide to go for keeps. But even with dual subscription the services can only be used with their corresponding apps so subscribers need Spotify for music and Hulu for movies/shows on their devices. Another thing, this only works with the “limited-ads” Hulu plan.
The way this works is that when a Spotify user signs up for the dual subscription plan, they are taken to the Hulu website where, if they have an account there too they can link it to Spotify billing, and if not then they could sign up for one first. Anyway that should for now regarding the specifics of the two digital services’ team-up subscription. But hold your horses; the plan is not yet activated, though both Spotify and Hulu note that the dual deal is coming to their subscribers this summer, so it is only a matter of waiting.
Cooperation between Hulu and Spotify is natural with trending growth for streaming services like them. Hulu for its part has gotten plenty of attention thanks to its award-winning programs like “The Handmaid’s Tale”. In addition to their dual subscription, they also have a special rate for college students: $4.99 monthly.
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