Monday, April 23, 2018

After “Ready Player One”, SPIELBERG Going DC COMICS with “BLACKHAWK”

It has been almost half a month since Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment’s “Ready Player One” started coming into cinemas worldwide. In that time the geek culture-centric sci-fi adventure film has had a global box office take of $475 million, and is now the 4th highest-grossing movie of 2018 (at least until the MCU strikes again). It has also been a good directorial return for long-celebrated filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and one cannot help but wonder what project he might tackle next. As it turns out, WB may have another possibility for him and Amblin, a film based on DC Comics.
As Entertainment Weekly tells us, Warner Bros. Pictures has taken Steven Spielberg aside for talks on the possibility of producing, perhaps even directing as well, a new DC Movie based on the comic book character “Blackhawk”. “Blackhawk” is one of the oldest creations of the 1940s era comic publishers that would later give rise to DC, and it is about a mysterious ace pilot codenamed Blackhawk, and his fellow aviators who are collectively named after him, piloting aircraft both historical and later sci-fi against the Nazis and the super-villains of later superhero stories. They have also appeared in DC Animations.
Such a project is not entirely new experience for Spielberg, who had already adapted a (non-superhero) Belgian comic series in 2011 with “The Adventures of Tin-Tin”. Furthermore, Warner-DC is keen to set the story of “Blackhawk” in its origin point of World War II, another subject that the Oscar-winning director is very familiar with (“Saving Private Ryan” in 1998, and four other movies). Spielberg gave a statement spoke of the wonderful experience working on “Ready Player One” with WB, with their blend of professionalism and passion in film production. “I am excited to reunite with them on Blackhawk,” he said.
Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich noted how proud the studio was to have realized Steven Spielberg’s currently-showing hit movie, and that they are looking forward to working together again saying, “We can’t wait to see what new ground he will break in introducing Blackhawk to movie audiences worldwide.”
In addition to Spielberg as producer and potential director, DC-Warner has brought together other veterans to work on “Blackhawk”. David Koepp, who worked with Spielberg on “Jurassic Park” and “War of the Worlds”, will write the screenplay. Other producers for the superhero project include Kristie Macosko Krieger and Sue Kroll.
Aside from “Blackhawk”, other personal projects that Spielberg is looking to do in the future include a fifth “Indiana Jones” movie, and a remake of “West Side Story”. He is currently the first filmmaker to have a total lifetime career box office earning of past $10 billion for his films.
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