Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Hanging Gardens of Bali

Looking for an overseas vacation spot but not really in the mood for another trip to the beach? You might find it by taking a trip to the tropical island paradise of Bali in Indonesia. But, you ask, is not the point of travelling to Bali to go to the white sand beaches, surf the waves and explore its diving spots? Well, yes. However, there are other things to do, or places to visit, in this international tourist getaway. Some can be found away from the seashore, inland; into the woods and up the slopes to heaven, or close to it.

Upon arriving in Bali, one simply needs to travel to the town of Ubud, the island province’s cultural center, and from there is a trip to the smaller village of Payangan, close to the foothills that are to be found aplenty in the interior. Nestled on one of those slopes, surrounded by the natural backdrop of the Balinese jungle, is the Hanging Gardens of Bali Resort, one of the premiere holiday destinations in Bali that has nothing to do with the usual beach-going clamour usually associated with a tropical island. Instead, the Hanging Gardens offers a different yet similar immersive experience.

From your mandatory stop at the reception building, to the 88-step stairway climb up to the restaurant level, which connects to the rest of the resort, you have to give credit to the designers of the Hanging Gardens of Bali. The entire complex is built on a mountain slope with a 45-degree angle, with level surfaces primarily found only at building interiors and certain special places. You’d certainly appreciate that when you settle in at one of their 44 private villa accommodations for rest and relaxation, or dining at their several culinary venues, or taking a dip at THE POOL.

When several major international travel advisory services say that a resort’s pool is one of the world’s best, you’d better believe it with the Hanging Gardens of Bali’s pride and joy. It is an architectural masterpiece: a multi-tiered infinity pool that grants its swimmers a spectacular view with how the edges seem to touch the treetops, giving them a view of vast heights when they stand at the edge. And just because you’re away from the beach doesn’t mean you can’t work on your tan; recliners are next to the pool for sunbathers, making them feel like they’re floating mid-air.

The infinity pool is not the only watery wonder to be found in the resort. Further down and out from the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the briskly flowing waters of the longest river in Bali, the Ayung. Views of the river are the main draw for the resort’s Riverside villa accommodations, where guests can unwind with the sound of the Ayung’s cascades providing a natural background. The river and the neighboring jungle also serve as the backdrop for two of the Hanging Gardens’ multitude of spa and massage options: the interior Royal Spa Suite and the open-air riverside Bale.

It is the Spa Collection menu of the Hanging Gardens of Bali that best showcases one facet of their total package of Balinese hospitality treatment. Whether it’s a massage treatment to rejuvenate one’s body; a reflexology clinic to both work out the aches and pains of tired feet and (for the ladies) beautify dainty little toes; or a salon that offers some amazing organic treatments for the hair and face; leave it to the experts hand of the Hanging Gardens’ spa specialists to both soothe and heal. You will never feel better in your life after experiencing their practiced touch.

If you are looking for some very specific memorable experiences at the Hanging Gardens of Bali, rest assured that they will not disappoint. Do you want a special dinner extravaganza? How would you prefer it? They can arrange dinner at the villa you are staying in; or maybe you’d like to eat next to that unbelievably cool pool, where the food is conveyed to you on a Balinese boat. Perhaps dining at the resort’s venerable next-door neighbor, the ancient Buddhist temple of Dalem Segara, might be more to your liking. And these are just the special dining choices for guests.

When you look at things, there are just so many unique activities available for you at the Hanging Gardens Resort, that you will most likely not miss white sands and a clear blue sea at all. They are proof that you can have plenty of tropical fun high up in the jungle slopes outside Ubud of Bali; it is not for nothing that names like Conde Nast and TripAdvisor sing their praises for the Hanging Gardens. Staying there is akin to a blessing from the deities that make Bali itself the Island of the Gods. Visit their website at


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