Friday, March 9, 2018

“SUPERNATURAL” S13-Ep16 Crosses Over with “SCOOBY DOO” on The CW

Later this month, a crossover that may have circulated in fans’ thoughts but was believed never to become an official production, will air as an episode of a TV series on The CW. This adventure will bring together the demon-hunting heartthrob Winchester Brothers from multi-season long-runner “Supernatural” and the “spook” hoax-busting meddling kids from Hanna-Barbera’s (now part of Warner Bros.) classic animated cartoon “Scooby Doo”. This crazy encounter will be the 16th episode of the 13th season of “Supernatural”, but will spend the meat of the plot in 2D animation. The story is entitled “Scoobynatural”, and it’s causing massive hype.
Already, teasers for this “Scoobynatural” episode of “Supernatural” have started circulating online, and the reactions have so far been mostly accepting and positive, as Entertainment Weekly tells it. This was a crossover that has taken almost a year in the making, having been first announced in May 2017 before the current season 13 of “Supernatural” started airing yet. Show-runner Andrew Dabb has already assured viewers that, just because the series main characters get animated and are thrown into a cartoon, doesn’t mean the trademark darkness of “Supernatural” is subsumed. Although looking at the new trailer, it seems tame for now.
The trailer for “Scoobynatural” starts with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) in front of a flat-screen TV, which then zaps them both and transports them into a show where they are both animated. Following a momentary shock at their new state, the brothers roll out on a cartoon 1967 Chevrolet Impala, to find a diner with a familiar van called the Mystery Machine, cementing their location as an episode of classic “Scooby Doo”. Upon finding the Mystery Inc. gang grooving inside, Dean tries hitting on Daphne. But a real “Supernatural” entity is involved in these animated shenanigans too.
Granted, this is not the first time the Winchesters have undergone this experience being trapped in fiction. The unique thing about “Scoobynatural” according to fellow show-runner Robert Singer is that this time they’re in a world that Dean at least is highly familiar with, seeing as “Scooby Doo” was his favorite childhood cartoon. This leads to him taking the lead in navigating through their situation thanks to his wide knowledge of the medium, the better to hunt down the cause of their predicament, considering that it may be too much for the G-rated Mystery gang to routinely trap and unmask.
“Supernatural” season 13 – episode 16 “Scoobynatural” will air on The CW this coming March 29. However it will also get an advance screening for die-hard Winchester fans at the PaleyFest event in LA, on March 20.
Photo courtesy of Digital Spy