Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Nowadays when multi-film superhero cinematic universes are churning out installments in production-line fashion, and super TV shows are prominent on both broadcast and digital streaming, it is a sure bet that there are many superhero fans around. And to draw these newly-minted followers into the original source of their favorite characters – the comic books themselves – comic book conventions make it a point to mix the cinematic media with the print for branding synergy. ComicCon Asia 2018, being held here in the Philippines, operates on that strategy outlined above. Unfortunately one of their stars will not make it for health reasons.
As CNN Philippines tells it, ComicCon Asia 2018 will have to make do with their program without an appearance from one of their guests of honor, Stan Lee himself. Lee of course is the former editor, then publisher of Marvel Comics, who created many of the characters that now grace films by Marvel Studios and Fox, and TV shows by ABC, Netflix and many more. But while he has never been one to turn down a convention invitation if he cannot help it, the fact that he is aged 95 means he has been slowing down and missing a few.
The event organizers for ComicCon Asia 2018 posted the sad news on their official Facebook page this Thursday, May 16. As expected, Mr. Lee needed to bow out of the con due to pressing issues with his health. However, as the post further states, this means that attendees of the CCA2018 who got passes for the planned Stan Lee Q&A panel, Excelsior event, and the photo-op and autograph sessions (both regular and VIP varieties) will get their money reimbursed by the organizers. They need only to send their names, order number and mode of payment to payment@comiccon.asia to be refunded.
ComicCon Asia 2018 will happen over the course of two days next-next weekend on March 24 (Saturday) and 25 (Sunday), at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Other than Mr. Lee, several comic book artists from different publishers will be present for the panels. Local music artist and comic book aficional Yael Yuzon will be present as well. But one VIP guest would have to be actor Walter Jones, who portrayed Zack Taylor/the original Black Ranger in the first “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” season.
Stan Lee has been honored by Marvel superhero filmmakers for his creation of these characters by having him make cameo appearances in their various movies. A look at several films over the years can illustrate the sobering picture of the face of Marvel Comics getting on in age. Marvel fans can only hope for the best that he will appear in a few more films.
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