Thursday, March 22, 2018


One of the many and varied reasons why I might say that my life is very good, is the fact that I get to meet Hollywood TV Actors and Music Artists that I adore like The Fray, Jonas Brothers, Josh Groban and Mariah Carey. In my most recent visit to the US, I got the chance to meet Ben Rappaport who I have been following his onscreen career. He first grabbed my attention with his lead role in the NBC sitcom “Outsourced”. I was a call center employee at that time, had riotous laughs over the show with my workmates even as the show’s situation resonated with our own. His role was an inspiration for me to move up in the workplace and become a Manager myself.
It was Autumn of 2016 when I went to watch his Broadway performance on ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in New York where he played the role of Perchik. I then got to have a little conversation with him outside the theatre. Our meeting was the stuff of dreams, and I looked forward to what more he’ll do in the future.
At present I’m now catching Rappaport on his latest TV outing, “For the People”. This legal drama on ABC is rather meaningful for being one of the last Shondaland productions on the network before Shonda Rhimes becomes an exclusive show-maker for Netflix. At first glance the show has the tell-tale beats of pure Shondaland tale: young newbies on a professional workplace under the guidance of veterans, learning the ropes and finding their place in a grown-up world. This time it’s future prosecutors and defenders cutting their teeth in the Federal Court of New York’s South District, the so-called “Mother Court”.
Ben here plays the role of brilliant rookie lawyer Seth Oliver, who is initially tied to two of the female characters: girlfriend Allison (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and young aggressive lawyer Kate (Susannah Flood). I can’t help but look forward to how Rappaport as Seth and Brown as Allison will proceed with their potentially serious relationship even as they focus on building their own career and the roles they play in court start to define their lives. I’m under the impression that “For the People” will be less on myth arcs and more on character development moving forward; hopefully I’m right.
I’d mentioned that my life’s changed; so has Rapapport’s. He’s married now since September 2017 to his high school sweetheart, with whom he’d carried on a Facebook relationship. I congratulate Ben for his new TV outing, give my hearty approval for his Seth Oliver, and will stay tuned for more.


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