Monday, February 12, 2018

The CW’s “ARROW” Season 6 Reveals Possible Main Season BAD GUY

There may have been an increasingly vocal audience group that thinks that the first DC Comics TV superhero series on The CW has finally “failed the viewers”, but that has not stopped “Arrow” from becoming a long-running show on the network, with its sixth and latest season airing since October of 2017. The start of season 6 was one roller-coaster ride of twists in the story, especially since it plays off the apparent death of the cast in the big boom of the season-5 finale. After 12 episodes, the 13th drops another bombshell in that the assumed season main villain…isn’t.
As Entertainment Weekly tells it, this Thursday’s episode, “The Devil’s Greatest Trick”, turns everything that both the crew of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and the viewer knew on their heads. Hacktivist turned terrorist Cayden James (Michael Emerson) has been spending the better time of season 6 hatching a master plan to both kill Green Arrow and destroy Starling City, as vengeance for his son Owen whom he believed was killed by Arrow’s actions. After a race against time, Oliver presents Cayden with proof of his innocence, along with the suspicion that one of the latter’s associates had framed the former.
So Cayden calls off his city-destroying plot and tries to hunt down his three accomplices to determine the truth. But the real mastermind behind Oliver’s bad rap strikes preemptively and kills off Cayden, his former boss. Said puppet-master turns out to be Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Alvarado). Fans of “Arrow” who also happen to follow the original story source of DC Comics would know that Ricardo Diaz is the latest iteration of classic DC character Richard Dragon, whose more famous iteration is as one of the comic brand’s ultimate martial arts masters, and sensei of several physical-fighting superheroes like The Question.
In fact, the characterization of Alvarado’s role of Diaz is lifted from the character’s background in the 2011 DC Comics universal reboot. The comic Ricardo Diaz is the son and namesake of a drug kingpin; so far so good. His father was killed by someone posing as Green Arrow in the story. The CW revises the narrative by flipping the death from father to son, and then giving that backstory to Cayden James, leaving only the drug kingpin characteristic to the TV show’s Diaz/Dragon. As to why Diaz hatched a complex and winding plot to both discredit Oliver/Arrow and set up Starling City for his takeover, we’ll have to wait for the remaining episodes to find out.
Arrow airs every Thursday, 8 p.m. ET on the CW. As of February 8, the latest season is halfway through.
Photo courtesy of EconoTimes