Tuesday, February 6, 2018

MACAULAY CULKIN Talks “HOME ALONE” REMAKE Possibilities; Gives Funny Remarks


Macaulay Culkin is something of a blip on showbiz news nowadays, but back in the early 1990s he was a household name in his familiar image as a child actor. This was due to his breakout role as the plucky Kevin McAlister in “Home Alone”, a near-slapstick family comedy that has become standard movie viewing for the Holidays. Those young days are behind the 37-year-old actor now, but he is also aware of the fan interest that percolates for the 1990 film and its 1992 sequel. That is why he has some ideas for if “Home Alone” ever gets remade.
TIME reports that Macaulay Culkin recently dropped a few hints regarding his opinions on any potential remake of the modest film franchise from 20th Century Fox. He shared this opinion during a brief AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, as a way to promote his new podcast show called “Bunny Ears” hosted on the .com website of the same name. Reddit posters who were fans of Culkin simply couldn’t resist putting the question to him about how he sees a reboot of “Home Alone” should play out in this current era when remaking films is both prevalent and profiting.
In response to a query if he would consider being cast in a “Home Alone” remake, also a popular practice with recent film reboots, Culkin decided on giving a totally off-the-wall answer. If a remake is on and he is to be in it, he will agree “Only if it was set in the woods, ala [sic] Rambo.” That reply is most likely done tongue in cheek, but it does bring up images of the fairly fit and muscular adult Culkin running around in either a forest or open wilderness area like the installments of the Sylvester Stallone-starring action franchise.
“Home Alone” was the story of plucky troublemaker Kevin McAlister, played by Culkin age 10, who is left at home by his unaffectionate extended family on a holiday trip, and takes it upon himself to protect his home from being robbed by the comedic yet seemingly-immortal Wet Bandit duo (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) by subjecting them to brutal slapstick bodily harm with various jerry-rigged traps. The 1992 sequel “Lost in New York” has Kevin do the routine all over again in the Big Apple, inside a relative’s under-renovation townhouse. Interestingly, now-President Donald Trump has a cameo there.
Speaking of which, Culkin further talks about the movies in his AMA, saying he likes the original over the sequel for its simpler storyline. As an aside, he also prefers the original because Trump was not in it, a sendup of the actor’s critical stance toward the mogul-turned world leader.
Photo courtesy of cbs46.com