Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“FLASH” Stars Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh Headline Short Film “TOM AND GRANT”

Premiering in 2014 and now on its fourth season, “The Flash” on The CW is one of the most popular superhero TV series today, especially on the Warner Bros. and DC side. A great deal of its appeal could lie in its cast, particularly lead star Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/Flash and recurring actor Tom Cavanagh, who initially portrayed season 1 bad guy Reverse Flash, and various incarnations of said villain’s cover identity Harrison Wells as the show went on. It is no wonder the two have gotten along swimmingly beyond “The Flash”, as evidenced by their upcoming short film.
Entertainment Weekly reports that Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin have come together to collaborate on a quirky short comedy film called “Tom and Grant”, starring the two of them using their real names as character names, and with Cavanagh both writing and directing. The plot is pure wackiness in the making, about a duo of brave but intellectually-challenged small-time crooks looking to rob a bank. But there’s a problem or several where they’re concerned: they have no plan, they have no weapons for intimidation, and they have no idea what they’re even doing. Absurd hilarity and near-slapstick hijinks then ensue.
Cavanagh had this to say regarding the purposely thin storyline. “Part of the subtext to all of this thing that I wrote and directed is political, about the political times that we’re living in,” he said. “But the presentation is completely comic; it’s dark comic.” And dark comic is an apt way to put “Tom and Grant” according to the 40-second teaser that Gustin and Cavanagh have put up. One scene had them in a car, on the road, engaging in a conversation involving exaggerated shouting at each other. Did I mention they were headed towards a stationary car too?
The appeal being pushed by Cavanagh in the short film is the conceit of characters that see themselves as smart but are actually too dumb to both live long and die like they should. It is no wonder then that “Tom and Grant” is gunning for an R rating and family-unfriendly comic violence. It’s got blood and gun-play and heists and car chases,” expounds Cavanagh as he describes the action sequences. “And I think that it’s something that both Grant and I are phenomenally excited about putting before the public.”
“Tom and Grant” is currently under production, but is due to release sometime this year because of its length. More information can be found at, the film’s official website.
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