Sunday, February 25, 2018

First TRAILER of “LOST IN SPACE” NETFLIX Remake Now Revealed

Netflix, the first name in online streaming services, is on an intensified sci-fi kick starting from the premiere of the TV adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s book “Altered Carbon”, this February 2. Now they are digging for material a little bit older, in the form of a reboot for one classic sci-fi show from 1965, the CBS series “Lost in Space”. The show, itself a space-bound take on the classic adventure tale “Swiss Family Robinson”, originally starred Guy Williams and June Lockhart as the parents of a family lost in space during a colonization mission, accompanied by a suspicious stowaway.
As Entertainment Weekly tells it, Netflix and Legendary Pictures are collaborating on a remake of “Lost in Space”, with an initial season of 10 episodes planned. The cast of characters include Toby Stephens from “Black Sails” portraying colony mission commander and family man John Robinson, Molly Parker (“Deadwood”) as Commander Robinson’s engineer wife Maureen, and Parker Posey as the enigmatic saboteur Dr. Smith, in an interesting gender-flip of the original male character from the 60’s version. A trailer of the series was also uploaded to YouTube, showing the Robinson Family boarding their spaceship, and the accident that got them lost.
The official description of the Netflix series puts the story only 30 years into the future, where the colonization of distant planets is made reality. The Robinsons were selected to journey to an Earth-like world to begin a new colony, only for an apparent malfunction in their ship to throw them far off-course, leading to two strangers joining their expedition for different, and possibly malevolent intentions. One is the space smuggler Don West (Ignacio Serricchio), the other is the outwardly approachable yet manipulative Dr. Smith (Posey), who may know more about their getting lost in space than she lets on.
Aside from this new series on Netflix, the “Lost in Space” series was already adapted into a 1998 feature film by New Line Cinema, starring William Hurt as Prof. John Robinson, Mimi Rogers as Maureen Robinson, Matt LeBlanc as Don West and Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith. Also part of the cast was Dick Tufeld, providing the voice of the expedition’s Robot as he did back in the CBS show. The Robot character was immortalized by its catchphrase when babysitting the youngest member of the Robinsons: “Danger, Will Robinson!” The new “Lost in Space” series starts April 13 on Netflix.
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