Monday, February 12, 2018

Fans Going Crazy over MCDONALD’S Ad with Romantic SHARON and GABBY

I’ve been an unashamedly fanatical follower of Megastar Sharon Cuneta as far back as when I was a child of the latter half of the 1980s, and have stuck with her career and life through the decades. Her various romantic pairings both in the showbiz world and in real life also didn’t escape my eye, and I’m sure to be part of the greater part of Sharon’s fandom that would proudly proclaim that her “love team” with Gabby Concepcion was the best ever. I was even very lucky to have met them during my active years in the entertainment industry.
Of course, the long passing of time has changed the landscape between the two significantly. They broke up in 1987, and barring the occasional team-up in a project or two, have since been walking different paths. Sharon’s now the loving wife of Senator Francis Pangilinan, and Gabby has his own family as well, though they’ve got daughter KC as a tangible link between them. And it has never stopped the fans, me included, from hoping that a reunion stint in whatever media is still in the offing for them. This week I can say: wish granted.
That opportunity came in the form of a new TV commercial for McDonald’s in the Philippines that I saw being debuted on the global fast-food chain’s official Facebook page (and on both their Instagram accounts). It was almost one and a half minutes worth of squee material if you’ve never given up on more Sharon-Gabby.
The ad’s plot was simple enough. Sharon’s eating in a McDo; Gabby comes in; their eyes meet, and time slows down while the background music shifts to oldie standard “Kumusta Ka”. Cue the awkward aside glances, shy nibbling of chicken and fries, the supreme effort not to giggle or chuckle, the works.
Millions of followers of that sweet pair exploded in jubilation when Sharon and Gabby picked up their tissues, only for Gabby to use his to lightly dab at the corner of Sharon’s mouth. Her embarrassed reaction, throwing her balled-up tissue at him for the bold move was just too much for me. I couldn’t stop smiling!
Well, that’s probably it for the two for now, but their current lives have been both fruitful and blessed. Sharon remains a top and trusted product endorser, recording artist and actress, with a recent movie with Robin Padilla that earned over a Quarter Billion in Gross Sales. Sharon also recently got nominated for Movies Actress of the Year for her performance on ‘Unexpectedly Yours’. Gabby is also one of the GMA Network’s top celebrities on their programming slate, and his veteran acting chops have rightfully earned him accolades including the Asian Star Prize at the 12th Seoul International Drama Awards. This McDonald’s commercial wasn’t exactly the sort of film or TV reunion we might have been expecting from these two, but it does its job of renewing the ‘kilig’ hype between them. If this was Mcdonald’s response to the viral Jollibee Commercial, then Kudos to those who made this possible. Check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, everyone is just talking about Sharon and Gabby’s Mcdo commercial!

Video courtesy of McDo Youtube


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