Thursday, February 1, 2018

“DEADPOOL” Star RYAN REYNOLDS Signs Up for New Movie Version of Board Game “CLUE”

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has pretty much made himself nearly indistinguishable from the Marvel Comics character he portrays, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. From his initial (underappreciated) appearance in 20th Century Fox’s 2009 movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, to the 2016 surprise hit “Deadpool”, Reynolds has singlehandedly cemented the film characterization of the antiheroic and fourth-wall-aware “Merc with the Mouth” and helped flesh out Fox’s “X-Men” universe separate from the other films by Marvel Studios. But he has other non-superhero projects in line, even though he’s working with writers from “Deadpool”. They’re planning a movie adaptation of the popular board game “Clue”.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Reynolds is set to star in a murder-mystery film adaptation of “Clue”, the famous board game currently published by Hasbro. The movie is being developed by the actor’s Maximum Effort production company for 20th Century Fox. In addition, “Deadpool” screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese will also be reuniting with Reynolds to write the movie’s story. There has been no further information yet as to the plot, Reynolds’ role as well as possible cast members.
Interestingly, this is not the first audiovisual version of “Clue”, which has had a well-adapted existence in the form of TV game shows in its birthplace the UK (under its original British name “Cluedo”) and in  Australia, a documentary, a 2010 miniseries on The Hub, a play and Off-Broadway musical, and of course an earlier movie version back in 1985. Produced by Paramount Pictures, the film starred British actor Tim Curry and was notable for having three different endings, with cinemas randomly receiving only one version of the outcome. Home video releases had all possible endings being shown in sequence as a super-cut towards the end of the film.
Fox has intimated that their planned “Clue” film is not a remake of this one. The involvement of Reynolds and his production company for the project is due to Maximum Effort’s first-look contract with 20th Century Fox Film that runs for 3 years. This deal retains Reynolds and his company with Fox for more possible entries in the “Deadpool” sub-franchise.
While no release date for Fox’s “Clue” film has been given just yet, fans of Ryan Reynolds can catch him later on May as “Deadpool 2” comes into cinemas with him reprising the titular darkly wacky hero. Reese and Werner also screen-wrote for the X-Men-related film sequel. Another role that Reynolds has been confirmed in is as the voice of a talking sleuthing Pikachu Pokémon in “Detective Pikachu”, coming in 2019 from Universal and Legendary Pictures.
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