Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MARIAH CAREY at TIMES SQUARE NEW YEAR’S Performance Gives Rise to One of 2018’s First MEMES

For those who attended, or more likely just watched the traditional Time Square New Year’s Celebration, what happened Sunday evening could at one hand be considered a worthy recovery by returning performer Mariah Carey. One might perhaps still remember the rather abrupt end of her set in the 2017 event when she walked off the stage in the wake of a lip-synching flub due to some bad technical problems that she endured for three song numbers. This 2018, all was perfect sound-wise, but now the once Diva Deluxe of singing finds herself the first major fountain of memes this year.
As CNN tells it, while Mariah Carey’s return engagement at the “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” special on ABC was markedly incident-free this time around, a bit of spoken dialogue in between two of her songs during her performance abruptly found itself becoming a meme. During a song break Mariah asked for some hot tea, having been told that “there will be tea” for the performers. None of the hot beverage was served to her however, and eventually the diva decided to carry on with her performance without it. She couldn’t help but say something though.
“Oh, it’s a disaster,” Mariah remarked about the lack of any tea to drink. “Okay, well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m going to be like everybody else, with no hot tea.” With that, the first entertainment-related meme of 2018 was born, with Carey being labeled the new “Tea Queen.” Another dig at the singer’s words was her rather eyebrow-raising statement about how it was a “disaster” that she’s being like “everybody else” who was shivering at the New Year’s cold of Times Square. Still some have taken an inspirational bent on Twitter: If Mariah Carey can “make it through” without tea, you can “make it through” the trials and tribulations of 2018 yourself.
Still, this story does seem to have a happy ending. After Mariah finished her set for the New Year’s special, she later was served some piping hot tea “backstage” as it were, and shared a photo of herself on Twitter enjoying her drink. While still dressed in her concert garb of a fur jacket over her sequined “nude illusion” gown, the photo also drew attention to the large ring on her right middle finger holding the teacup.
It was once her engagement ring from James Packer; when they broke up in 2016 she fleeced him in court for $50 million worth in damages, which she called an “Inconvenience fee.” Oh well, there’s your first big meme for the year: Mariah Carey and her cuppa tea.
Photo courtesy of springhole.net


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