Tuesday, December 12, 2017

PAYMAYA Gets Even Easier to Use with FB MESSENGER Chatbox Support

In this big and sometimes-confusing world of online communication and wireless business transactions, we find it a wise choice to stick with the names of services we know best and trust. And when it comes to communications there’s no other name that utterly signifies quality and trustworthiness than PLDT; and through them, their wireless subsidiary, Smart.
And where Smart Communications is concerned, they are continuing their streak of trustworthy service through their own subsidiary, PayMaya Operations. They are the brilliant minds behind the hottest and increasingly popular online payment app service in the Philippines today, PayMaya.
Described as a “virtual payment card,” PayMaya is the new easy way to pay for online shopping, booking airline tickets and paying utilities and other bills. All it takes is a free download of the PayMaya app on both Google Play and App Store, and then it’s like you have a credit card in your smartphone.
One of PayMaya’s strengths is the number of varieties it might be utilized to pay or send money, from the app itself to even an actual physical Smart MasterCard. But the newest new thing with PayMaya is their team-up with THE Social Network, Facebook itself, enabling PayMaya users to access the payment service on their FB Messenger apps.
This must be the development that would put PayMaya ahead of the curve from any other payment apps available out there. True, for now the Messenger payment feature only available on Android devices. But even then this feature promises to make payments of bills, top up your mobile load and send money wirelessly.
Now, some things can only be experienced for yourself, so seeing as I have both the PayMaya and Messenger apps on my smartphone, I decided to test this new feature to pay my phone bill for the month. Opening the Official PayMaya chatbox on Messenger, you get the option to link your PayMaya account to the messaging app, or start an account if you don’t have one yet. I do, so I immediately got the list of payment options.
On the “Pay a Bill” submenu there’s a listing of all the major companies and utilities nationwide that accept payments via PayMaya (and there’s a lot). I just select my biller, type down the details on my phone bill (due date, account number, amount, etc.) then Submit the form. My PayMaya load wallet (at an upgraded account, I can hold P100000 max) will then pay out the amount in full. But if the load wallet has an insufficient amount, then it’s a simple matter of going to a Smart Padala outlet to pay the balance. That’s it. And as I’ve done this on the PayMaya app before, I’d say that the FB Messenger pay feature is just as speedy.
But that’s not the only thing PayMaya is busy with right now. They’ve also got this sweet raffle promo for all those PayMaya users who have linked their accounts on Messenger. On the Promos menu when on the PayMaya Messenger chatbox, you can send a special ad that you can share with your FB Messenger contacts to get into the PayMaya craze by opening their own accounts and linking them with Facebook’s messaging app.
For every Messenger friend who replies to your share by opening a PayMaya account on the message app itself, you as the sender will receive P50 each in your PayMaya wallet. And every friend in turn will have P50 added to their wallets as well. You can send this promo to up to 25 of your Messenger contacts, from December 13 to 19.
If you’re interested in trying your luck here, remember that only FB/Messenger accounts created before December 6, 2017 can join in the Referral promo. Other rules can be checked out at PayMaya’s promo page here: https://stories.paymaya.com/give50-get50/. This ought to be a good way for everybody to experience the ease of service provided by the PayMaya online payment app service, as well as get a start on loading up there virtual wallets. Here’s hoping you enjoy. Good luck!
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