Sunday, November 19, 2017


When you spend a great deal of time online as a blogger talking about one new interesting thing after the other, it’s inevitable that you learn more of them as you go on. Like the concept of essential oils. They’re one of the most sought-after healthy-living products around, extracted from an expansive variety of plants and herbs, many of them therapeutic. The chemical compounds of these essential oils provide their original hosts with natural defenses to various ills, and these various resistances can be taken into by the human body when breathed in through a diffused form in the air.
Essential oils have been around even here in GenSan for so long. Now a new player in the market has entered the ring. They’ve even got a freshly engaging name: Young Living. But don’t let the name make you think that they’re some relative rookie in the essential oil business. Actually, Young Living has been on the international scene for over two decades now, and in fact they are the standard by which the purity and potency of essential oil products by various other companies are measured. You can ask for no other indelible mark of quality than this.
And believe me, Young Living are absolute professionals when it comes to ensuring the quality of their essential oil products, and the commitment they put into that promise, which they call “Seed to Seal.” They choose only the best seed species for essential oil-producing plants, cultivating the farmland where these worthy seeds are planted and harvesting only at the ideal moment. Young Living then uses their own distillation facilities to extract those precious essential oils, and use laboratory-grade equipment to verify the top-notch quality of every sample gained, before sealing the finished products and making sure they are delivered across the world to the doors of all eager and interested customers.
These are all important stuff to consider because Young Living only produces 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil blends, the number-one topmost of four grades for all essential oil products on the market. That means these oils and their blends have genuine therapy-based medicinal effects once taken into the body. And they can be done in several different ways: aromatically for a sweet fragrant experience, topically for a sweet sensation on your skin, or even internally by mixing a few drops with your beverage of choice.
You know what that means: essential oils of such high grade have so many ways to be put into use, so Young Living is taking the bold step of enabling you to try them all, courtesy of their Premium Starter Kit package. It’s got everything a newcomer to the wonderful world of essential oils needs to get the best first experience out of it. And what a way to go about it too; each kit starts you off with 11 different Grade-1 essential oils in 5ml bottles, each of which has a different but universally beneficial effect on you. Some of these oils can be used in all three methods described above, others can be just two of the three, but all of them are guaranteed to make you feel good as advertised.
From flowers to fruits, herbs to minerals, every source of essential oil in this starter pack provides benefits ranging from immunity boosts, improving blood pressure, relaxes muscles, relieves inflammation, boosts mental acuity and memory, the list goes on and on. Pick your favorite: lemon, lavender, and even holy frankincense; the possibilities are boundless.
One of the methods of essential oil intake is aromatic, so Young Living’s starter kit also includes an electronic diffuser of your choice in design. Adding a drop or two of their oils to the water inside the diffuser makes for a therapeutic aroma that would fill your room or workspace for hours. Or alternatively you can fit the AromaGlide roller attachment to a bottle of your choice for easy topical application on your skin.
It doesn’t stop there. Young Living wants you to try every option they have for getting some good therapeutic stuff in your system. That is why they’ve included two packets of their NingXia Red wolfberry supplements for a down-the-gullet infusion of rich nutrients with a genuinely delicious taste. The pre-added essential oils to the mix are just the icing on this healthy liquid cake.
The rest of your Young Living Premium starter kit is a fun way to share your own experience with others. There are oil sampler sachets and even empty oil sample bottles – 10 of each for both – with which you can pass around to your circle of friends. Who knows, they might enjoy the Young Living experience enough from your demonstrations to try the entire package for themselves. The company’s even gracious enough to provide business cards for easy contact. You can make a start at your own journey of discovery in the wonderful world of essential oils with Young Living by visiting them online at It could be the best change of your life.


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