Friday, September 1, 2017

VIVO among World’s Top 5 Smartphones According to IDC

After five years of being a local manufacturer of smartphones in China since starting in 2009, Vivo went international by entering the market in Thailand, and they have not looked back since. From Southeast Asia to India and Pakistan, Vivo smartphones proved themselves a formidable product that could go toe to toe with major global brands. Their latest gadget the Plus 5 has been getting a lot of marketing power in the Philippines most especially, thanks to a celebrity endorsement from NBA superstar Stephen Curry. But Vivo is more than just having big-name brand ambassadors.
In the latest Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker of the International Data Corporation (IDC), Vivo has secured a spot among the top 5 global smartphone brands for Q2 of 2017. The quarter-to-quarter growth of the company’s sales has been calculated at an impressive 66% rise from Q1. IDC Asia-Pacific market analyst Jerome Dominguez remarks that Vivo’s speedy expansion was contributed to by a combination of incentives for aggressive sales promoters, extensive retailer support and marketing spurred by cash-rich ventures like the Steph Curry sponsorship. These factors led to a vigorous shakeup of the vendor-dealer relationship in different markets across the globe, something that major vendors may have been able to adapt, but has spelled the loss in market shares for smaller ones that Vivo managed to take advantage of.

Major marketing campaigns have been carried out in the Philippines to push the Vivo V5. In addition to the high visibility of Stephen Curry in advertising for TV, print and billboards, local celebrities like Tony Labrusca and McCoy De Leon have been out in force performing during weekly mall tours in Metro Manila and points beyond. It is no surprise therefore that Vivo has become a smartphone brand that is constantly in the forefront of choices for Filipino gadget buyers and owners.
The Vivo V5 is a smartphone running on Android 6.0, with 4GB of RAM and a non-removable 3000mAh battery for long charge life. It is the first mobile phone to have a 20-megapixel front camera with amazing bokeh effects, making selfies look like they have been taken by a professional single-reflex cam, with different selfie settings. The 13-megapixel rear camera is no slouch either in capturing crisp and vivid images. The V5 is available in three colors: crown gold, rose gold and matte black.
IDC is the global leader in providing market intelligence on the info-tech market. They expect smartphone sales to balloon in the latter quarters of the year as the Christmas Holidays come near.
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