Thursday, August 3, 2017


For Filipino fans who waited anxiously for Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber to grace the country with a visit to the Philippine Arena as part of his “Purpose” World Tour, his recent cancellation of that and some 14 other concert dates was a very disappointing blow. After all, recent controversies aside Bieber is Bieber, and his talent and star power never seems to fade. There has been quite a lot of speculation going on about why Justin could just leave his other fans hanging dry like that, with many pointing to his banning from performing in China as a highly possible catalyst. Well, the singer himself has deigned to finally break his silence over the whole affair, although his reasons aren’t made immediately clear judging from the wording of his Instagram post.
According to USA Today, Justin Bieber decided to make an official statement as possible by putting his explanation down on social media for circulation. The thing is, his statement can come across as very daunting to read. It’s several hundred words long but has not been broke up into paragraphs. We’re talking about a big wall of text, a stream of consciousness from Bieber’s keyboard, with occasional slips of punctuation and grammar but with the star himself acknowledging that in his closing sentence, in all caps.
For those looking for a concrete reason about Justin’s cancellation of the tour, unfortunately there is none of that in his Instagram ramble. What can be found there is an address of the generalized circumstances behind the decision. "I’ve learned the more you appreciate your calling, the more you want to protect your calling,” so wrote Justin, but what exactly did he mean? His next sentence from here mentioned sustainability, but in what context do you ask?
Well as Bieber puts it: “I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind, heart, and soul to be sustainable.” And now it hits you that before we go to the last 15 shows the Canadian music idol decided not to perform in, he has already completed a whopping 154 more ever since his World Tour to promote his album “Purpose” started way back in march of 2016. Travelling from North America, to Latin America, to Oceania, to Africa, to Europe, to Asia, all in order to perform would certainly take a lot out of even the most dedicated performer. And for that Justin has every right to take his break.
As for the Filipino fans that have been denied the physical presence of Bieber, well he still reigns in radio and online play after all. His “Despacito” remix can still be heard often. The world goes on, and there’s always next time.

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