Thursday, June 22, 2017

USANA, Me and My Life’s Work

When a good friend of yours tells you to join in with him on a bandwagon for something really good, it’s understandable if you want to say no first. And when you do finally take the plunge and realize that the “good thing” is true, it’s understandable if you’re suddenly wondering why you didn’t just get into it earlier. That was how my story with USANA began, and in a way I’ve been living in its happy ending for quite some time now. I’m pretty sure many other USANA users online must have spun this similar tale of betterment of health. There’s no use in me claiming originality in my own contribution, but let me give my own personal experience all the same.
I’ve come quite a long way from my simple beginnings as a blogger. Thanks to some golden opportunities I was able to expand this personal endeavor into a small but formidable business outfit that has several different enterprises under its umbrella. It makes me proud to see this company I’ve nurtured grow and develop over the years. What I’m not so enamored about is the immense amount of stress I began putting myself in to oversee all of our many operations. All-nighters, constant travelling and irregular mealtimes brought on by one business meeting after another have compounded into a not-so-healthy lifestyle that could spell bad things for my physical condition if left unchecked.
Sometime ago, when I was still really starting out, a close friend of mine was introduced to USANA Health Services and their formidable lineup of health products. He then brought it to my attention, but at first I balked. A health company from the US is conducting business either by direct order or by independent distributorship? The fact that they already have a presence in 16 countries didn’t quite put me at ease. That first time, I said no and went on with my life and work.
As my small business began to spread its wings – and I began to suffer the effects – I had another encounter with USANA. This time it was an active associate, and I was given a full rundown on what they were all about. I read the documentation, took a look at the products. I decided to cut off the onset of possible bad health conditions brought on by my increasingly hectic workdays and made the call to put my trust in USANA. That was a good call. I had my “Why didn’t I do this sooner” moment, then I lived my life and ran my business with USANA by my side.
My initial batch of USANA products pretty much covered all the pitfalls I was going to have with my health due to the trappings of being the boss of a small company with a goodly reach. Sleepless nights, impromptu long drives to meet with partners and clients, and frequent flying could wreak havoc on the nutrition levels of any healthy man. Watching out for my own health by getting some exercise and proper eating could only go so far.
For that I had the double-team backup of USANA’s Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant Tablets. The latter makes up for any vitamins I missed to take into my body, and the former does the same for healthy minerals. Pairing one each of these tablets with breakfast (whatever time that may be) and dinner, is in my own view a solid plan to ensure that my busy body doesn’t miss out on all the good and empowering stuff. And the antioxidants are an absolute godsend.
The third USANA product on my starter pack was the Visionex Food Supplement, and that’s one more vital component in keeping me going. When I’m not on the move, I’m sure to be in my office or at home with my eyes glued to my laptop screen for hours on end. My eyes certainly won’t be too happy with me for it, which is why Visionex has become almost indispensable to me. With its Lutein and extra helpings of Vitamin C, I can keep my eyesight in good working condition and stave off the need for eyewear.
USANA and I have been working together for some time now, keeping me steady as I steer the wheel of my company towards the future. While I already have enough on my plate right now to become another associate spreading the message and products of USANA to more people around me, I’m at least doing my part to raise awareness of their product benefits by becoming a brand ambassador for them. You don’t need college or university honors to succeed in life. You just need an eye for opportunity, self-confidence, inspiration, a glowing face and USANA as the cherry on top.


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