Friday, June 9, 2017

NINTENDO Planning SNES MINI for 2017 Holidays?

Last year, video game company Nintendo scored an epic coup for retro nostalgia when, just before the highly-anticipated release of their new hybrid portable-console system the Switch, they introduced the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, a miniaturized reissue of their landmark killer console from the 80s pre-loaded with some of the most iconic game titles of the time, with save game and video quality options to boot. The plucky little throwback console was quickly sold out of both real shelves and online ones. It was a surprisingly successful gamble, and Nintendo’s apparently is in the mood to try again, with the next generation of their gaming history.

According to Eurogamer, it has been confirmed to them by anonymous sources close to Nintendo that the company is indeed in the middle of drawing up plans to create what may possibly be known as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Edition, a retread of the NES Classic but for its next-generation 16-bit successor. Likely packed with a prime selection of popular SNES games with some slight variations on titles depending on region (NA or JP), the proposed new retro re-mastered console is being slated by Nintendo for release sometime in December, the holiday season.

This new development and production may well be the reason for the seemingly abrupt discontinuation just this April, both in North America and worldwide, for the NES Classic which has been in production for only five months. Although the videogame maker has long stated that their retro offering was a one-off limited run, many fans have been upset at how quickly the consoles become scarce after shipment to retailers. The resulting clamor for production to be extended has reportedly take Nintendo by surprise due to their marketing it only as a holiday novelty. But now with the trickling of this piece of inside information, things seem to be making more sense, in needing to prep for the production run of a new classic edition console.

Already online gaming communities are abuzz with the possibilities, as while the NES and its games were legendary and well-loved, there’s no doubt whatsoever that the later SNES was packing superior hardware for great-looking and even greater playing games. While it’s expected that the titles for the in-development SNES Classic are pre-installed and unchangeable like its predecessor, one can assume that some of the best Nintendo- (and third party-) made games will be ably represented, like “Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”, “Donkey Kong Country”, “Chrono Trigger” and several “Final Fantasy” sequels. While no official word has come from Nintendo about this leak, hopes are high that this report can be substantiated and not turn out to be mere rumor.

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