Friday, June 23, 2017


Mister Donut has been one of the most popularly patronized fast-food franchises in the country, with about two hundred full-sized restaurants nationwide and nine times that number in donut stands that are ubiquitous in almost every Philippine shopping mall of note. Their products from simple flavor-topped donuts to the fan fave Bavarians are an absolute favorite with families and groups of friends from either school or work. And the sheer love of the country’s workforce for Mister Donut is such that the brand is inspired to do something extra special for them, in particular with workplaces in Metro Manila. Many working Filipinos are soon to be the lucky recipients of some prized Bavarian donuts when Mister Donut invites them to “Unbox the Fun.”

This week Mister Donut will be making the rounds of workplaces in the nation’s capital as they begin their “Manila Office Invasion.” Twenty-three locations, from malls to banks to movie cinemas to government agencies to even the San Juan City Hall, will have their employees treated to boxes of free Mister Donut Bavarians. They will also come with sachets of Drip Coffee to help wash the Bavarian goodness down.

This is Mister Donut’s newest campaign to once again remind working individuals in Metro Manila of the long-running presence of their brand, and to serve as an advance invitation for the launch day of “Unbox the Fun” on all Mister Donut branches this Friday June 23. And the lucky employees getting their free donut boxes of the past days will have some additional incentive to show up for the event. The Mister Donut distribution teams will also be giving them coupons for free Ube-flavored donuts valid for redemption at any Mister Donut shop in the Metro Manila area.

As if these office workers would need any other motivation. Many will certainly be looking forward to taking their Friday work break at the nearest Mister Donuts, where they’ll be just in time to “Unbox the Fun.” We surely hope they would enjoy their free Bavarians. If Mister Donut has a masterpiece, they would be it. And they’ll be expecting you all to be there when the big day to “Unbox the Fun” kicks off. I know I’ll be dropping by too.