Friday, June 9, 2017

APPLE Fans Bemoan Alleged iPHONE 8 Design FOIBLE

Whenever Apple has got a new iPhone model or variant ready, they usually make the official debuts on September of the year, ever since they shifted from the start of the summer to near the end of it. This is especially true of the flagship iPhones, the first model of their generations, and the patter ought to follow suit this September 2017 with the iPhone 8, their version coming off the 10th anniversary of the iconic smartphone. However there have been reports that a certain piece of tech design for the 8 is giving the company some trouble, and if certain leaked schematic details are the same as the alleged problems with the iPhone 8’s design, then it’s no wonder Apple fans are not so pleased.

According to Boy Genius Report (BGR), there’s a flurry of reports indicating that Apple may be considering a delay to the introduction of the iPhone 8 to correct a certain placement of tech features on the new smartphone’s case. These inside information hint that an alternative to putting off the launch may be to remove the tech in question from the whole package instead. All of these uncertainties could possibly lie with an as-yet unverified design schematic that had been leaked by anonymous sources to BGR, detailing how the rear case housing of the iPhone 8 is laid out.

The schematic drawing depicts a standard iPhone rear setup, with a hole for the camera, a large Apple logo, and another hole directly underneath it. While not labeled, the second hole appears to be for the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which was first seen in the iPhone 5S. Originally mapped to the Home button, the Touch ID was being refined by Apple to eventually be embedded at the bottom of the touchscreen display instead, but have run into some developmental snags.

Reaction by iPhone users on the new location of the Touch ID scanner was mostly negative, owing to the awkwardness of trying to hold the prospective iPhone in one hand and then placing a finger so far down its center to register in the Touch ID, if that is indeed what it appears to be. Another prevailing thought that sprang out of this fact is that the leaked schematic may be an earlier rejected design. But it appears relocating fingerprint scanners on smartphones to the back at some strange placement is gaining prevalence. Even the soon to come out Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting flak from its own consumers over the scanner now being next to the camera lens. Hopefully more information will come out of Apple’s own mouths to better clarify how their new phone is put together.

Photo courtesy of Forbes