Monday, March 27, 2017


One interesting trend that has been seen about major televised Philippine singing contests or talent competitions in general, is that one doesn’t need to be the winner or champion to have a chance for success. It has been observed in ABS-CBN’s many such shows. Sheryn Regis still launched a successful singing career despite being second to Erik Santos in 2003’s “Star in a Million”. Sandara Park had a longer showbiz career compared to 2004’s “Star Circle Quest” champion Hero Angeles (and she later joined K-pop group 2NE1). Charice was the third place finalist in 2005’s “Little Big Star” (after being eliminated early and returning as a wildcard) but went on to global fame. Now the latest to make a try at going big in a musical career despite not being champion is Sassa Dagdag, fourth place in the second season of “The Voice Kids” in 2015, and soon releasing a new full album.

Sassa Dagdag was but 12-13 years old during her shot for glory at ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Kids” season 2, singing as one of coach Bamboo Mañalac’s two bets in the competition’s final phase. Now the hype is real for the coming of “SASSY SASSA”, her album from PolyEast Records. Already an official lyric video was released online for one of the album’s singles, “Kumakaba” by songwriter Arnie Mendaros. Just listening to the now-aged 14 Sassa belting out the song with her intensely soulful voice without knowing anything else about her, one would hardly believe that she finished last in a final-four night of a singing competition, but once her single has been heard in full, it’s a good bet that any listeners wouldn’t even care for that at all.

A somewhat latecomer to her season of “The Voice Kids”, Sassa would appear for the first time during the 12th Episode of the Blind Audition phase. But her singing experience even before then was already extensive. With her brother accompanying on instruments, Sassa has been uploading videos of her song covers on YouTube as early as 2012. Even so, she remained a relative unknown until trying out at the ABS-CBN program, with her blind audition piece, Sia’s “Chandelier”, managing to turn all judges towards her (she chose Bamboo) and earning up to 3 million YouTube views. And another birthday year has done her voice more good, with comments on “Kumakaba” at PolyEast Records’ Facebook page describes her as a blend of Ariana Grande and Beyoncé.

If you “Sassanatics” out there can’t wait for the entire “SASSY SASSA” album, then you can get a head-start at enjoying more of Sassa Dagdag by downloading her “Kumakaba” single on iTunes.