Monday, January 2, 2017

THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA Contestant Insist Their LGBT Relationship No Stunt

In 2016, during the fourth season of the Australian version of the reality TV show “The Bachelor”, two of the contestants from Western Australia, Geraldton health promotions officer Megan Marx (27) and Perth training administrator Tiffany Scanlon (29), met and became friends in the course of their pursuit of current Bachelor Richie Strahan (3 rd placer of “The Bachelorette Australia” season 1). Although their prospects ultimately weren’t good – Tiffany was eliminated in episode 3 and Megan quit in episode 7) – they remained particularly close even after appearing in the program, until finally on October after a trip together in Bali, they came out as being in a romantic relationship, blowing the minds out of people who followed the show.

Now, as The Huffington Post tells it, some two months after their big reveal, Marx and Scanlon are now currently fielding certain questions about their pairing, most particularly about allegations that it’s all some glorified “commercial advertising” or “publicity stunt”. Certainly a lot of people have been getting that impression when taking a look on their blitz of cheesecake intimate photographs featuring the two of them on Instagram, some of which have been criticized by naysayers of being professionally set up and choreographed. While a few pictures were kind of sweet, for instance one photo of Marx and Scanlon topless (but posed in profile to avoid showing naughty bits) eating spaghetti out of a bowl in a homage to “Lady and the Tramp”, several bashers had sneered at a particular picture of them in bed wearing sheer lingerie, but with part of the caption also including a spiel on the 100% branded linen sheet they were laying on.

Anyway, Tiffany and Megan hope to get a chance to explain themselves to the public through an appearance on the cover of Maxim Australia magazine for January 2017, where they have been named “Couple of the Year 2016”. In preview snippets of their interview for the magazine the two have described the “stunt” nature of their relationship as portrayed on social media to be the “funniest” thing ever. Marx opines that since the public has no idea of their personalities beyond their public image in “The Bachelor”, the fact that they got together simply came out as “too good to be true” in their eyes. Scanlon is more sober, speaking of how sad she feels living in a cynical world where people are more likely to consider a thing to be a lie rather than trusting it to be real.

Ultimately they hope that their featuring on Maxim Australia will help to dispel the negative perception of their romance, along with the greater dream of realizing a successful bid for legalized LGBT marriage in the left-behind country.

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