Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The Radio City Rockettes are what’s called a precision dance company, best described as a dance troupe of closely identical looking girls wearing matching costumes and dancing in perfect synchronicity, usually involving simultaneous repeated high kicks while in a line. In particular, the Rockettes are an institution close to a century old, with their dancing girls high-kicking their way into America’s hearts, as they’re often brought in to grace special events in the nation. Well there’s one event that’s booked for the Rockettes coming up this January 2017, and for once in their long history, they’re a little bit unsure as to whether they want to go through with it; but there are rumors that their managing company might not even give them a choice.

This then is how it stands for the Rockettes according to The Washington Post. Just fresh off their annual Christmas Spectacular performance at their “home” in Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall, the bombshell was dropped when the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump announced that the dance group has been tapped to perform at the January inauguration. From here, the internet exploded with opinions both from Rockettes former and active, and everybody else.

There were those calling to boycott all the group’s performances from that point on. Other however felt some sympathy for the Rockettes, all uniformly good-looking ladies who strut and kick in their skimpy clothes, being made to dance in honor of a new US President who will never live down the recorded footage of him for Playboy talking about grabbing women in their private parts – a very specific part – and have thus rushed to the Rockettes’ defense. A former member of their group, known on her Twitter account as Autumn Withers, urged her fellow teammates to opt out of performing in the inauguration.

Complicating matters is the unsure status of the Rockettes on whether they have to show or not. Their managing entity, the Madison Square Garden Company, was said to have made it mandatory for Rockettes members – according to some of them - to perform for the inauguration, although MSGC later clarified that participation for that event is voluntary, as stipulated by the dancer’s union. Problem solved? Signs point to “perhaps not”. As stated before, the selling point of the Rockettes is that they look almost alike as a group (if not in face and ethnicity, then in body shape). The bind is that, perhaps some members do decide to bow out of performing for Trump. But then hundreds of women are constantly auditioning for a shot at one of the 80 max slots for the Rockettes. If some of them do decide not to show, what are the chances that they’ll get replaced, and permanently at that?

It’s a telling sign that major celebrities seem to be shying away from performing for Trump. At present he’s only got the Rockettes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Jackie Evancho from “America’s Got Talent”.

Photo Credit to www.rockettes.com