Tuesday, January 3, 2017


When we take mass public transport, we would want to be sure that our driver, or captain, or pilot to be in good shape, both body and mind. That way they could see our bus, train, ship or aircraft through on long trips from our origin to the destination, and in the hopefully unlikely event that an emergency pops up, that these men (and women) could take on an authoritative role to keep the passengers controlled, and to evacuate them to safety if absolutely necessary. We want to be able to entrust ourselves to a genuinely dependable pilot, nothing at all like the one featured here.

CBC has it that Calgary police were called into action at the city’s international airport on New Year’s Eve December 31, 2016 to bring in a most unusual suspect: the main pilot of a passenger plane who had passed out drunk in his cockpit when it was about to take off. Crew members on the gate and in the flight of a Sunwing Airlines flight that morning from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico (via Regina and Winnipeg) have noticed pilot Miroslav Gronych, 37, a Slovakian with a Canadian work visa, to be “behaving oddly” up until being discovered out cold in the cockpit of his Boeing 737-800, apparently of alcoholic intoxication.

Calgary police spokesperson Sgt. Paul Stacey reported to media that Gronych was arrested for “having care and control of an aircraft while impaired” and “having care and control of an aircraft with a blood alcohol level over .08”. The latter is significant as it was tested two hours after Gronych’s arrest, and is considered at three times the legal blood alcohol limit. Toronto-based Sunwing Air rep Jacqueline Grossman is apologetic to the passengers who were alarmed by the event.

And that’s a lesson to learn about being careful with who you fly with. Trust a name that has long proven itself over years if not decades of service, like Philippine Airlines. From its two international hubs in Manila and Cebu, PAL flies you to a multitude of international destinations across 25 countriesaround the world. When traveling to Canada, PAL flyers can reach not only Calgary, but Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

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Photo Credit to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/